Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Arab Invasion of Egypt, 639 A.D

Thursday, September 29th 2005, is the 1366th anniversary of the Arab invasion of Egypt in 639 A.D. This invasion marked the beginning of centuries of persecution against Egyp's native population. The Arabs erased the Egyptian language and mutated the Egyptian collective memory, thus persuading the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians that they are Arabs. They also committed atrocities against us, the Egyptians, be it raping our mothers and sisters, slaughtering our fathers and brothers, or burning our fields and cities. In addition, as if not satisfied by those crimes, the Arabs went on burning the legendary Library of Alexandria, taking six months to destroy its books.

Today, what is left of Egypt's native population, namely the Christian Copts who number over 12 millions, are suffering violence and discrimination on the hands of the Muslim Arabs.

This Thursday, please join us in mourning and observing 3 minutes of silence and prayer at noon time, according to the local time of each country, to remember the painful Arab invasion of the peaceful Land of Kimi (Egypt) , the Land of the Nile.


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