Thursday, September 22, 2005

Billions Spent by Saudi Arabia to spread Islam

According to the US state department's religious freedom report, Freedom of religion does not exist in Saudi Arabia, but this same country takes advantage of freedom or religion in the West and all over the world and spend billions upon billions to spread Islam and fund Islamic activities around the globe

This is a report from the Saudi newspaper ain-al-yaqeen


All over the world the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has supported and contributed in the establishment of Mosques and Islamic Centers.

Efforts in the U.S.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of King Fahd Ibn Abd Al-Aziz, has given support to the following institutions in the United States: Dar Al-Salam Institute, the Fresno Mosque in California, the Islamic Center in Colombia, Missouri, the Islamic Center in East Lansing, Michigan, the Islamic Center in Los Angeles, California, the Islamic Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the Islamic Center in New York , the Islamic Center in Tida, Maryland, the Islamic Center in Toledo, Ohio, the Islamic Center in Virginia, the Islamic Center in Washington, the Islamic Cultural Center in Chicago, the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles, the Mosque of the Albanian Community in Chicago, the South-West Big Mosque of Chicago, and the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque in Los Angeles."

In Africa the Kingdom has supported and fully financed Mosques and Islamic Centers.

In Australia

Under King Fahd, Saudi Arabia has given support to the following institutions in Australasia: the Australian Union of Islamic Councils, the Islamic Center in Christchurch (New Zealand), the Islamic Center in the State of Victoria, the Islamic Center in Townsville, Queensland, the Muslim Association in the Isles of Fiji

In Canada Saudi Arabia has given support to the following institutions in Canada: the Calgary Mosque, the Islamic Center in Quebec, the Islamic Center in Toronto and the Ottawa Mosque. King Fahd has donated five million US dollars for the cost of the Islamic Center in Toronto, in addition to 1.5 million US dollars annually to run the facility

What about universities and academic institutions? how can Saudi Arabia and the Arabs use their money to influence them?

King Abdul Aziz Chair in Islamic Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara was set up by the Saudi Royal Family in 1984. The King Fahd Chair in Islamic Sharia Studies was set up in 1993 at the College of Law at Harvard University, with a donation of US$ 5 million from King Fahd himself, the King Fahd Chair in Islamic Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies "SOAS", University of London was set up in 1995, with a grant from King Fahd of £1 million, and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chair at the Gulf University was set up to provide a resident professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Science and Prince Naif Department for Islamic Studies at the University of Moscow.

Islamic Academy in Washington Established in 1984, where multinational students are studying. The Islamic Academy in Washington teaches Arabic and Islamic studies. The academy has 1,200 students, both male and female. Of these, 549 are Saudis. The rest represent 29 nationalities. In the ten-year period 1984 to 1994, the costs of establishing and running the academy were in excess of SR 100 million.

King Fahd Academy in London

King Fahd Academy in Moscow, Russia

King Fahd Academy in Bonn, Germany
The Bihac Islamic Academy (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

A number of Islamic Research Institutes supported by the Kingdom amongst these are the American University of Colorado, the American University in Washington, the Arab World Institute, Paris, France which receives considerable Saudi contribution to its annual budget, the Duke University, North Carolina, the Howard University, Washington, the Institute of the History of Arab and Islamic Science, Frankfurt, Germany which receives an annual financial support from the Kingdom worth 15 million German Marks, the John Hopkins University, Maryland, the Middle East Institute, in Washington, the Shaw University, in North Carolina, and the Syracuse University, in New York.

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