Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Coptic Silence Is Deafening

A comment from a friend:

We often hear about the kidnapping of young Christian women by Muslim men in Egypt. Women who are drugged, raped and forced to convert to Islam.

We also hear that the police and government officials often aid the miscreants. Yet Pope Shenouda and most of the clergy continue to cheerlead - (Pope’s website)- Egypt's recently re-elected president, Hosni Mubarak, who is at least partially responsible for these acts The Pope and most of the clergy have never once issued a public statement pressuring Mubarak to do something to stop this.

The Pope and most of the clergy continue to silence their congregations and remain frightened men instead, as more and more women are taken away. (The only time they spoke out was because the victim was a priest's wife, and that was last December) !!!

Coptic congregants help this inaction by silencing opposing voices within their congregations saying the Pope always knows what is best. But in the face of continued abductions the records prove that he doesn't always know what is best and therefore we must ask the Pope : Is it truly a "spiritual" act to remain silent in the face of such tragedy?

The stark truth is that the dhimmified position of most of the Coptic clergy does nothing to prevent these atrocities from happening. Most Copts are so brainwashed into compliance by their clergy that they have lost their ability to do anything significant at all.

Last February, "a journalist" interviewed a Coptic Bishop in New Jersey on the persecution of Christians in Egypt. He told her there wasn't any !!!

A few months ago, "we" sent out Confessions of a former Islamist who belonged to an Islamic proselytizing organization in Egypt. He went into detail on how he and others seduced, drugged and raped young Coptic women. Yet despite this, and continued reports of female abduction, the Copts and most of their clergy still remain silent.

Their silence is deafening.


At 10:14 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If His Holiness continues to refuse to do anything about these atrocities, then we must raise our voices and use all of our abilities to make them stop. There are so many Copts living in the free world. Why are they too remaining so silent?

We have Coptic associations and yet they do almost nothing to stop these things. The world does not know that these horrible things happen to Coptic women because we are so afraid to speak about it to the world.

We would rather live comfortably and listen to a Pope who gives us bad advice, than do what is right to protect our own people.

God help us all. This is such a sin!


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