Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11th. The Coptic New Year "Martyrs Calendar "

Today is the beginning of a new Coptic year, the year 1722 AM (Anno Martyrum)
Coptic years are counted from AD 284, the year Diocletian became Roman Emperor, whose reign was marked by tortures and mass executions of Christians, especially in Egypt. Hence, the Coptic year is identified by the abbreviation A.M. (for Anno Martyrum or "Year of the Martyrs").

Copts offered thousands upon thousands of martyrs during the reign of Diocletien, to the point that it was said "The blood of the martyrs watered the seed of the church", and today we are celebrating and glorifying what they have suffered for the sake of keeping the faith strong and preserv it for us.

Fr. Tadros Malaty says the Coptic Calendar is a continuation of the ancient Egyptian calendar, as the very first calendar ever known by man on planet earth! It goes back 4241 BC. The word “Nayrouz” is of Coptic origin. The stem is niiaro-oo meaning: “the rivers.” The suffex “ouz” is Greek, thus, the word “ Niiaroouz”.
Mid September is usually where the waters of the Nile river rises, so the prayers are lifted to God for the rising of the waters of the rivers for irrigation and ask for His blessings at the beginning (crown) of the Coptic Calendar year. When the Persian ruled Egypt from 525-405 BC, they adopted the word and incorporated it in their language and took it to mean “the beginning of their Persian year,” and called it “Nayrouz.” The word “Nayrouz” in Persian, means “the new year.”

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اليوم يحتفل الأقباط فى أنحاء العالم ببدء السنة القبطية الجديدة (1722) للشهداء
بدأ التقويم القبطى عام
يؤرخ الأقباط عامهم القبطي ويطلقون علي أول أيامه عيد النيروز، ويشهرون عامهم هذا بأنه عام الشهداء، فقد سمحت حكمة الله إن يقوم دقلديانوس الحاكم الروماني بسفك دماء أبناء مصر الأقباط ، حتى جرت علي الأرض انهاراً، لذا جعل الأقباط أول سني حكمه الظالم ( 284م ) بدء تقويمهم السنوي للشهداء
اضغط هنا للاستماع الي ترنيمة عيد الشهداء نورى
ومن ترانيم احكى يا تاريخ
احكى يا تاريخ


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Thank you for posting this important message about our martyrs. We should never forget them.

- sugar bear

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