Saturday, October 22, 2005

Coptic Pope issues a statement

Pope Shenouda III, issued a statement in which he refused to "Blame Christians based on rumors" spread by some Egyptian newspapers . The statement also denied allegations that the play had defamed Islam or the Quran and blamed "This kind of press that is seeking to create sectarian strife in Egypt" in addition "the play criticized extremism and radicalism" the statement added.

Two Egyptian newspapers; namely Al Osboa and Al Maydan had published reports inciting Muslims against the Copts and the Coptic church when they claimed that the play insulted Islam.

Al Osboa newspaper is known for its anti-Christian and anti-Semitic propaganda, it's editor in chief Mustafa Bakry and in issue number 265 here: called suicide bombers "the soldiers of Allah" and called Jews "Descendants of apes and pigs", he also threatened that there are over 300 million suicide bombers awaiting to blow themselves up, not only that but he also called for the declaration of Jihad

This newspaper is given out for free in Arabic stores in New York and New Jersey, yet the FBI seem to not pay attention to the content of this publication. So please call the FBI and alert them about it, and also call the companies and businesses that advertise in it and ask them to withdraw their ads supporting such racist and terrorism supporting newspaper

The person in charge of the newspaper in the USA is
Mr. Waheed Zoghby
Tel: 347- 312 -4088

List of companies advertising and supporting the newspaper

A & G Shipping Internationsl
Telephone: 718- 728- 1444
Mobile 917- 817- 9613
12-11 29th street, Astoria, NY 11102
Empire Dental Care
Tel: 973 -465- 7737
119-137 Clifford St, Newark NJ 070105

StarFone communications1877 782 7412
Phone: 1-562-980-9922
Fax: 1-562-437-7361

The Law firm ofHarmon, Linder and Rogowsky
office: 212 732 3665 ext. 274
cell phone 201 892 4747
42 Broadway , suit 1227, New York , NY 1004
Eastern American Mortgage company
Tel: 201 842 8420
Cell phone : 201- 486- 4914
Address: 533 Ridge Rd, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Junior Brokerage Inc.
Tel: 718 567 7700
Fax: 718 833 6744
Noble Phrmacy
201- 604 -5812
Fax: 201 604 5815
Okelly International Realty Co.
Tel: 718- 745- 1100
Fax: 718- 745- 1849
Abdel Maksoud Pharmacy
Tel: 718 297 4424
Fax: 718 526 6104
Tel: 718 428 8200
Queen Tours & Travel
Tel: 201 420 6646

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