Friday, October 28, 2005

Tension in Alexandria

Fearing a recurrence of demonstrations around St. George Coptic Orthodox Church in Moharam Bek, Alexandria, security forces are currently surrounding the church for protection against any possible attacks. Copts in the area are afraid they might be targeted today since many of their homes were marked with an (X) sign, some of them have already left the town out of fear.

The governor of Alexandria, Mr. Abdel-Salam Al Mahjoub tried to reassure citizens by touring the streets of Alexandria over the past couple of days and participated in removing the (X) signs by himself.
We will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day and keep you posted

Pray for peace in Alexandria today


At 10:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw these signs on my house when I was young; it was a red color cross, but I did not understand what that means. But When I grow up I learned that Nazi used to mark Jews with some marks. As a Christian, I know that Christ our God is stronger than the world including Islamic fascists. I hope that our good Egyptian, Muslims and Christians, to walk up and be united against hate and discrimination.
Egypts without Christians is desert, and Egypt without Muslims is not fun. We need both in peace.


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