Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Freedoms We Fight For

Last month, Islamic radicals threatened to kill actor Omar Sharif after he praised his role as St. Peter in an Italian TV film. While this incident garnered a modicum of media attention, the mainstream media has paid little notice to the broader trend of which this incident is only a small part: Radical Muslims have been threatening -- and sometimes killing -- those whose speech has allegedly offended Islam. Ever since the Satanic Verses incident, they have been systematically extending this war against free speech into the West. Daveed's new article --linked below -- documents that we in the West haven't always been vigilant about standing behind speech rights, and calls for us to do better.

To read Daveed’s article click here
Or here

You can also Watch Submission part 1, a film shot by Theo Van Gogh who was a Dutch film director and columnist, On November 2nd, 2004, Theo van Gogh was murdered east of Amsterdam while he was cycling to his work. The film criticizes the treatment of women in Islam.


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