Monday, November 07, 2005

President Mubarak allows the church to fix its toilet

Presidential decree to fix a church toilet
(This is not a joke, it's the reality that Coptic Christians are living under in Egypt)

Thanks to president Mubarak for keeping his promise, to regard Egyptians as equal regardless of their religious backgrounds, On September 25, 2005 , and according to Watani Egyptian newspaper, a presidential decree number 316/2005 was issued by president Mubarak to license restoration works and repair of toilets at the Brethren’s Evangelical church in Beba, Beni Suef province, Upper Egypt.

Thank you Mr. President for taking the time to discuss the problem of repairing a church toilet with your advisors, may you remain our president for life so that you can bestow your mercy on us Copts

قرار جمهوري بإصلاح دورة مياه
حسب جريدة وطنى قام فخامة الرئيس طويل العمر يطول عمره وينصره على من يعاديه ، رئيس كل المصريين فى كل واد وبقاع وسهل بالتكرم والتنازل والتعطف وإظهار سماحة سيادته تجاه الأقباط وأصدر قرارا جمهوريا‏‏ ‏رقم‏ 316‏لسنة‏2005‏ صادر‏ ‏في‏ 25 ‏سبتمبر عام 2005 ‏ ‏وينص‏ القرار الجمهورى ‏علي التالى ‏:‏ "يرخص‏ ‏للطائفة‏ ‏الأنجيلية‏ ‏بكنيسة‏ ‏الإخوة‏ ‏الكائنة‏ ‏بشارع‏ ‏الورد‏ ‏بمدينة‏ ‏ببا‏ ‏بمحافظة‏ ‏بني‏ ‏سويف‏ ‏بترميم‏ ‏السور‏ ‏الخارجي‏ ‏والجدران‏ ‏والسور‏ ‏العلوي‏ ‏وترميم‏ ‏وإصلاح‏ ‏دورات‏ ‏المياه
لهذا نود ان نوجه تحية عرفان وتقدير وإمتنان لسيادة الرئيس ووقته الثمين الذى قضاه مع مستشاريه العظام (ربنا يخليهم له ولينا يا رب) لمناقشة مشكلة إصلاح دورات المياه فى كنيسة الأخوة ببنى سويف ، أدامك الله يا سيادة الرئيس ذخرا للوطن ولدورات المياه
وكما قال الشاعر : هشتكنا وبشتكنا يا ريس ، ده انت ريس والنعمة كويس


At 10:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ربنا يخليك لنا يا سعادة الريس و تتحل جميع مشاكل دورات المياه في مصر مش بس في كنايس الأقباط.. البلد كلها يا ريس بصراحة بقت دورة مياه واحدة و البركة فيك برضو.. روح يا شيخ أنت و غفر 23 يوليو بتوعك.

At 12:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest the following.
Let us write to all news channels in the Western and to our embassies all over the world a 'strong' thank you letter to the president of Egypt. Let us show the world that Egypt finally have allowed the Copts an equal rights to modern toilet.
God bless Egypt

At 12:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest the following.
Let us write to all news channels in the Western and to our embassies all over the world a 'strong' thank you letter to the president of Egypt. Let us show the world that Egypt finally have allowed the Copts an equal rights to modern toilet.
God bless EGYPT.

At 1:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vote everyone. Contact your family in Egypt and organized your churches to vote. If you are an Egyptian, even who is living abroad, then you have to participate. We are the problem, and the solution is in our hands. So please go and vote for better and freer Egypt. Don’t allow group(s) with a cleared, and declared bad intension toward us to dictate the outcome. IF you love God and Egypt, then vote for better tomorrow for our children. Vote so Egypt will become a true democracy.
Pray and vote, vote and vote. And please remember, you should vote because of your love for your country EGYPT.

At 1:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the copts are the problem and they are the solution. I wrote the following before and here it is again
Anonymous said...
Coptic’s problems and suggested solution

The following is a brief analysis of the Coptic issues with some suggestions for some solutions. I will show you that while some of these problems are severe, their solutions, nonetheless are in the hand of the COPTS and not the Muslims.

The Copts of Egypt are facing three major problems: Social-political, psychological, and spiritual
Social-political is discrimination, employments, and lack of public voice in national debates. Copts feel left behind, ignored and discriminated against in many situations.
• GET INVOLVED in all national and local elections, let us mobilize people to be active participant. Be proactive in every thing you do.
• Start a small business and hire Christians and Muslims, this way some Muslims will learn to do the same.
• Start clinic and orphans to help the poor of all faiths without discrimination when it comes to humanistic services (our parents did that and were blessed and they blessed many of the poor of all religious background).
• You noticed discrimination in school, go and talk with the teachers and the principles. Emphasis that we all need respected for one another. Don’t let your child face these discriminations all alone. Teach your children to raise their voices when they hear insulting remarks regarding someone else. Again encourage them to be active and assertive, but not militants.
• If schools are bad, then start your own school. Teach your children to love Egypt and its people. When we were exposed to discrimination our parents did not say Muslims are bad, but they said that we all need one another.
• Participate with Muslim Egyptians in social and humanistic efforts to help all poor. I remember going to Muslim-run for medical treatments and was treated with kindness. We need to do the same, to work with everyone when help is needed. By participating, we are less likely being ignored.
• Yes, work with all Muslims when it comes to helping our country. We served in the Army, and we should participate in all civic duties. Working with Muslims does not make our faith less, but more. James.1.27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
• Be active with love, which is unique to our Christian ‘spirit’.

psychological problems:
As Christians we were given a pure and blessed faith that is full of life, love, joy and peace. Yet, many of the Copts have hard times distinguishing between spiritual goals and social goals. Many of us grow up with the views that the world is evil, and that we should denounce the world. Many don’t know how to live a pure spiritual life in an evil world. As if we want to be monks, yet support our family. Some of us afraid that building a company, a school, or a clinic is some how evil and worldly pursue. If again you look at the verse of the bible I used above, you realized that action toward the poor, the unemployed are acts of faith. Here are some suggestions:
• Be proactive
• Start a business and by grace and when you can expand, invite other people to work for you and with you. Grow and be alive, because God will bless you.
• If you make money, then give to charity, to college, to school, to all kinds of activity that will benefit people of all backgrounds.
• Do Not be a victim, YOU are NOT one, because you are a child of God
• Don’t waste your time asking Muslims for your rights, go and works hard toward achieving these rights.
• Open your eyes and read carefully, NOBODY will give any things, it is all up to you.
• Don’t waste your time looking outside yourself for a solution, for the Copts abroad, or foreign governments, look at yourself and for God-sake, START doing something. Our community is very educated, so use this knowledge to energize other Copts to be proud of your citizenship to Egypt and to the world.
• Help your Church and your community and you will never feel a victim. Your destiny is in YOUR OWN hands.
• Remember that no body is a victim because of his/her hardship. You are a victim because you choose not to grow out of your circumstances.

Finally, when it comes to spiritual issues facing the Copts, let us examine the problem. Most Copts are spiritual and generally speaking most Egyptians. We were spiritual people before all religion, from ancient times. This attributes are both a blessing and curse. It is a curse because both communities are hot-blooded when it comes to religion debates and disagreements. It is also a blessing, because only very few Egyptians are violent. Yes, we all need to examine and study our history to clean it from claims and counter claims. We need to ‘understand’ that “RESPECTING” other opinions and faith does not undermine my own faith. I find it very unacceptable to attack Islam, as much as I disliked when my faith is insulted. People are ignorant, so let us teach them how great our faith by our actions. Don’t assume that average Muslims are happy seeing almost on daily bases the sliding of the nicks of the infidels in different parts of the world, especially when the people who are killed are also Muslims. We all want to see justice and fairness everywhere, but somehow, we tend to deny that rights to those whom we consider our enemies. We are not the enemy of Islam, and Islam was never our enemy. The only enemy I have is my own selfishness. Christianity calls to serve humanity with love and sacrifices. You are selfish when you don’t help your poor neighbor. We are very good on claiming our love for God, but when we are called to help our less fortunate fellow humans (All humans), then we chicken out.
• Live with these words:’Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, mind and strength, and thy neighbor as thyself: on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." (Matt. 22:37-40‘
• We look at our Church for direction on how to clean our hearts and our conscious. Now it is your time to start working on the second half of the Commandment, on your neighbors’ needs.
• While the part relation to God can be learned in the Church, the second part has to be used OUTSIDE (and inside) the Church. Open your heart and understand, he did not say your ‘Christian’ neighbors, but all neighbors’ Muslims, Christians, and even atheists.
• Be Christ like, and your spiritual and social life will be blessed.
In conclusion, all these solutions do NOT depend on Muslims’ participation but on Christian actions. Copts walk up and serve God and Egypt with the very little materials assets you have, because you have a giant spirit. EGYPT needs all your sweats to be a better place for everyone.
Get up, get involved, and Christ will bless you.


2:58 PM

At 6:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute !

The police work with radical Islamists to steal your women.

The mosques are allowed to slam Christians and Jews through loudspeakers and in the streets -- yet God forbid you have a Christian play that tells the truth!

Mubarak doesn't appoint a proportionate amount of Copts to government.

Copts who have been taken over by their oppressors lose out in business, education and jobs.

And after taking all of this oppression -- and voting for him no less -- you are rewarded with a repaired toilet!!!

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what's wrong with this picture???????

Anonymously Anonymous

At 9:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is not Mubarak, It's in Islam with its racist ideologies that requires non muslims to be subdued and humiliated as in Sura 9:29, so the shame lies in Islam and not the Egyptian president whos is acting in accordance with Islam's teachings

At 11:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslims who convert out of Islam, of course, are apostates too, and, under Saudi law, they are to be put to death. An Urdu-language publication (Document No. 55), published by the Saudi Ministry of Religious Affairs and gathered from the King Fahd Mosque, quotes Sheik Bin Uthaimin preaching this policy: “[O]ur doctrine states that if you accept any religion other than Islam, like Judaism or Christianity, which are not acceptable, you become an unbeliever. If you do not repent, you are an apostate and you should be killed because you have denied the Koran.” [Document No. 55]

we thank you Jesus:

‘Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descended from David, as preached in my gospel. (2 Timothy 2:8 (RSV))

Joh 10:26 "But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. 27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any [man] pluck them out of my hand. 29 My Father, which gave [them] me, is greater than all; and no [man] is able to pluck [them] out of my Father's hand. 30 I and [my] Father are one."

Living, He loved me!
Dying, He saved me!
Buried, He carried my sins far away!
Rising, He justified freely, forever!
One day He's coming -- Oh glorious day!
Paul wrote to the Colossians about his work, "For this I toil, striving with all the energy which he mightily inspires within me," (Colossians 1:29 RSV). Did you ever think of that, when you were weary, tired, and subjected to heavy demand? Jesus supplies energy to do what you have to do. When you feel like you cannot do any more, you can "remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead," and find a supply of strength to do what you have to do. Have you found that?
1. John the Apostle wrote, "As he is, so are we in this world," (1 John 4:17b). What he is, we can be.
The Apostle Peter wrote, "His divine power has granted us all things that pertain to life and godliness," (2 Peter 1:3 RSV).
The writer of Hebrews says, "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us (that is the race of life itself, day after day after day, step after step after step), looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of faith," (Hebrews 12:1b-2a KJV). Do you need faith to motivate you, to strengthen you to do what must be done? That is what Jesus is here for: "looking unto Jesus, the author (the originator) and the completer of faith."
David Livingstone, in the last century, said, "I go through the jungles of Africa and Jesus is by my side."
Savonarola, that great evangelist of the 12th century in Florence, said, "They may kill me, they may tear me in pieces, but never, never, never shall they tear from my heart the living Jesus."
Samuel Rutherford, one of the great Scottish Covenanters, put in jail for his faith, in the 17th century said, "Jesus Christ came into my cell yesterday and every stone shone like a jewel."
Those are men who have learned to "remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead." They faced problems with an inner impartation of strength, grace, truth and life that they would never have had without his presence.’
"Now may the God of peace who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great shepherd of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal covenant, equip you with everything good that you may do his will, working in you that which is pleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen." (Hebrews13:20-21 RSV)

the above was copied from the following site:


At 12:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the only reason he gave his permission to fix the restroom after waiting for many years is the fear that Copts might take piss on the mosque next door.

At 5:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is plenty of proof that Mubarak enables the bad guys to operate. He does not help the Copts.

At 2:46 PM , Anonymous knowjesus_knowlove said...

وسوف يقوم السيد الرئيس بإفتتاح دورة المياة ووضع قلوطه الرئاسى فيها فى حضور القيادات الشعبية والدينية تعبيرا عن الوحدة الوطنية

وسوف يقام حفل عنائى كبير يحييه المطرب الكبير براز الشخاخ
حيث يقدم أغنية جديدة مطلعها

شدوا السيفون ياحبايب شدوا السيفووووووووون

At 4:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ربنا يخليك يا ريس يا منغنغنا ومهنينا ولحماماتنا لابد فيها
اشى قرارات واشى جمهورية ، هى دى الوحدة الوطنية
بس نسيت اهم حاجة يا ريس ، هى الجهات الأمنية ها تقف وتجعر وتقول :الدواعى الأمنية لا تسمح برضوا؟
بصراحة أنا مكسوف لك يا ريس ، عيب عليك يا ريس توصل للدرجة دى ، ده انت أسوأ من نيرون ياراجل

At 8:38 PM , Anonymous yaweeka said...

وأرفق سيادة الرئيس رأى الشيخ زغلول النجار فى الإعجاز العلمى لمنع ترميم دورة المياه فقال د. زغلول: هناك حكمة ربانية لم يفهمها الأقباط عند منعهم من ترميم دورة المياه ، فالله سبحانه وتعالى يحضنا على التيمم ، وقال الدكتور شُخرم من جامعة لأة اف اخس: ان التيمم بالتراب افضل بكثير من استعمال الشطاف لما فيه من إجتناب لتكاثر بكتيريا الخراليكا المميتة ومن المعروف ان التراب ذرات ذاتى لذا فهو أيضا يغنيك عن تلك الأصوات المنبعثة اثناء عملية ال
والله أكبر والحمد لله على نعمة الفشر. زغلول النجار يحييكم ويصلح حمامات بعد الظهر.

At 10:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mubarak should be ashamed of himself

At 10:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do we have to wait for a presidential order to fix a bathroom? for God sake, let's fight for our rights and stop begging and getting on our knees for it.

At 9:43 AM , Anonymous adel said...

Never mind the toilets now....What about the elections in Egypt? What about the number of seats won by the Ekhwan ?

Any comments ???

At 2:11 PM , Blogger Peter said...

I hope that the Brotherhood does not gain power, Adel. The political process would be moving backwards and not forward if they gain seats in parliament, which now seems likely. Is Egypt soon going to look like Saudi Arabia or Iran? Are there no viable secular candidates to vote for that have any kind of positive vision for the country? A vision that is inclusive, tolerant, peaceful, etc?Or is it that all of Egypt is truly getting Islamicized?

At 3:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Dear Coptic Brothers and Sisters

Please find attached the latest Resolution Considered by our members in our meeting convened in Montréal November 11, 2005.

These demands go back to Egypt's Revolution 1952. The general policy enforced is to marginalizing the Copts in their homeland. These demands were reviewed and revised and up dated along the continuation reign of last three unjustified rulers of Egypt.

We appeal to the civilized World Wide to investigate our demands and to use all means to rectify the deteriorating situation of the Coptic Nation in Egypt. And to all concerned Human Rights bodies, NGO, Christian Organizations to take a serious look and action to remedy the situation before it is too late.

الهيئـــة القبطيــــة الكنــديـــة


Copts (Christians of Egypt) are not asking for special privileged treatment to compensate for centuries of discrimination and persecution. They are only asking for equality as stated by the constitution though not practiced.

1. Copts demand the immediate cancellation of the antiquated 19th Century Hamayouni decree as well as the ten restrictive conditions enforced by the government since February 1934.
2. Copts demand the removal of the second Article in the constitution stipulating “That Islam Is The National Religion” and “Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation”. This article does not render justice nor respect to 15 Million Copts. Egypt will prosper under a secular system that separates Religion from the State. Right now Egypt is more of a religious state than civic.
3. Copts demand parliamentary representation in every sector according to their numbers in addition to Muslim representation.
4. Copts demand immediate removal of the Coptic File from the State Security and State Intelligence Authority reporting directly to the President Office. Coptic File should be handled directly by government agencies and not by State Security and State Intelligence.

5. Copts demand an educational curriculum that respects all citizens regardless of their various affiliations. This should include the history of the Coptic era prior to the Arab invasion.
6. Copts demand a fair equal Media whereby air time should be assigned equally between Christians and Muslims on government controlled TV and Radio Stations. The present campaign of hatred against Christians has created a cloud of intolerance on every corner in Egypt.
7. Copts demand that all citizens enjoy freedom of expression, freedom of worship, including freedom of religious choice. Muslims as well as Christians should feel free to convert to their choice of faith without fear of harassment or persecution, imprisonment and torture.
8. Copts demand that religious affiliation be removed from national ID cards, and all documents as it does not serve any good purpose other than explicit discrimination. Christians and Muslims should be treated as equal citizens.
9. Copts demand justice to be served against murderers, robbers, kidnappers, rapists and terrorists. Egypt is obliged to respect and apply all Human Rights covenant signed since 1981. Egypt refused until now to sign the optional Protocol to the International covenant on civil and political Rights.

10. Copts demand an end to discrimination against them in government job appointments and promotions especially at the level of top ranks in every ministry.
11. Copts demand removal of all restrictions against Coptic students by allowing them to enrol in all educational institutions publicly funded as Police and Military Academies. Al-Azhar University Colleges should become a secular University and in order to admit Coptic Students with the same conditions applied to non-Copts.
12. Copts demand immediate removal of the Coptic File from the State Security and State Intelligence Authority reporting directly to the President Office. Coptic File should be handled directly by government agencies and not by State Security and State Intelligence.
13. Copts want to see an end to the religious discrimination that prevails at all levels of the Egyptian educational system, especially in hiring of teachers and professors, and the unfair grading practices aimed at Christian students.
14. Copts demand an end to kidnapping minor Christian Girls. In order to force them to convert, they were raped and tortured using inhuman techniques by Muslim extremists’. Abductors are always given police-protection.
The Egyptian government must be serious about apprehending those criminals and who murder Copts, and to punish them to the fullest extent of the law, and to compensate the victims adequately of these crimes.
No killers of Copts have been sentenced to same punishment as that of a killer of Muslims.

الأقباط يطالبون بالمساواة ...

إن الأقباط (المسيحيين المصريين) لا يطالبون بمعاملة خاصة للتعويض عن قرون من الاضطهاد والتمييز ضدهم. إنهم فقط يطالبون بالمساواة. الأقباط لا يريدون أكثر من المساواة، و لن يقبلوا بأقل منها. من الصعب علينا التصور أنه رغم دخولنا في القرن الواحد و العشرين ما زالت المساواة رفاهية يحلم بها الأقباط في حين يعتبرها بقية العالم المتحضر حق مكتسب بالولادة و مسلم به لكل إنسان.

1. إن الأقباط يطالبون بإلغاء قرارات الخط الهمايونى العتيق و الذى يعود إلى القرن التاسع عشر فمن غير المعقول أن نحتاج للحصول على موافقة رئيس الجمهورية للسماح لنا ببناء كنيسة أو حتى لإصلاح دورة المياه الخاصة بكنيسة فى حين أن بناء الجوامع في مصر ليس عليه أى قيود أو معوقات.
2. الأقباط يطالبون بالمساواة فى بث البرامج الدينية الخاصة بهم من خلال وسائل الإعلام التى تسيطر عليها الدولة. إن خمسة عشر مليونا من الأقباط يعيشون في مصر و يدفعون الضرائب التى تنفق منها الدولة على الإذاعة والتليفزيون و بالتالى فمن حقهم أن يخصص لهم وقت للبث من خلال هذه الوسائل.
3. يطالب الأقباط بوضع نهاية لعمليات اختطاف و اغتصاب الفتيات المسيحيات من قبل متطرفين مسلمين و ذلك لإجبارهن على التحول إلى الإسلام، و هناك تقارير تؤكد أن ذلك كله يحدث تحت حماية البوليس المصرى للخاطفين.
4. الأقباط يطالبون بحرية العقيدة لكل المواطنين المصريين و يتضمن ذلك حرية تغيير الديانة. فالمسيحى يجد كل الترحيب و التشجيع للتحول إلى الإسلام و بالتالى فالمسلم يجب أن يكون لديه الحرية فى التحول إلى المسيحية إن أراد ذلك و لكن عادة ما يتعرض من يريد التحول إلى المسيحية للسجن و التعذيب.
5. يطالب الأقباط برفع خانة الديانة من البطاقات الشخصية و استمارات طلب الوظائف حتى لا تستخدم الديانة كأساس للتمييز ضد الأقباط.

6. يطالب الأقباط بمراجعة المناهج الدراسية و التأكد من خلوها من الإساءة إلى المسيحية و المسيحيين بل بالأحرى أن تحث الطلاب على قبول و احترام الآخر. كما نوصى بإدخال مواد إلزامية فى المدارس الحكومية لتعليم حقوق الإنسان.
7. يطالب الأقباط وسائل الإعلام الحكومية بالكف عن توجيه حملات الكراهية ضد المسيحيين و نعتهم بالكفار مما يخلق جوا من التعصب يسهل أن تتزايد فيه أعمال العنف ضد المسيحيين. و يجب على وسائل الأعلام أيضا أن تسمح بإذاعة برامج قبطية.
8. يطالب الأقباط بإنهاء التمييز ضدهم في التعيين في الوظائف و كذلك في الترقيات فمن النادر أن يعين المسيحي في وظيفة حيوية كوزير أو مسئول حكومى. و فى الوقت الحالى لا يوجد في مصر أى مسيحى يعمل كمحافظ أو رئيس مدينة أو رتبة عالية فى البوليس أو عميد لكلية.
9. يطالب الأقباط بإنهاء التمييز ضد الطلبة المسيحيين في القبول فى المدارس التى تتحكم فيها الدولة. عدد قليل جدا من المسيحيين يسمح لهم بالالتحاق بكلية الشرطة و الكليات العسكرية. و عدد قليل جدا آخر من المسيحيين يسمح لهم بشغل وظائف المدرسين المساعدين فى كليات الطب و الصيدلة و الهندسة و كل كليات القمة.
10. يطالب الأقباط الحكومة المصرية بالجدية فى القبض على قتلة الأقباط و بالحزم فى توقيع أقصى العقوبة القانونية عليهم و أيضا بدفع التعويضات المناسبة لضحايا هذه الجرائم. فنحن نجد أن قاتل الأقباط لا توقع عليه العقوبة التى توقع على قاتل المسلم.
11. يطالب الأقباط بتفعيل وسيلة لخلق تمثيل مناسب لهم فى البرلمان المصرى و نقترح حصر بعض المناطق للمرشحين الأقباط فقط. إن الممارسات المستمرة لاستبعاد الأقباط و إقصائهم عن السياسة يجب أن يتوقف.
12. يطالب الأقباط بمعاملتهم باحترام و الحفاظ على كرامتهم داخل أقسام البوليس و كذلك فيما تتضمنه عظات مشايخ المسلمين فى الجوامع حيث أنه ليس هناك ما يبرر تحقير إنسان لمجرد اختلافه فى الدين.

13. يطالب الأقباط بوضع نهاية للتمييز الدينى ضدهم و الذى ينتشر على كافة المستويات فى نظام التعليم المصرى بدءا من عملية توظيف المدرسين و الأساتذة ووصولا إلى الممارسات الظالمة فى وضع درجات الطلبة المسيحيين.
14. يطالب الأقباط بتدريس تاريخهم و لغتهم و ثقافتهم فى المدارس و الكليات المصرية حيث يدرس أبنائهم و بناتهم.
15. يريد الأقباط أن يشعروا أن مبارك هو رئيس لكل المصريين مسلمين و أقباط. يريدون منه أن يهتم بهم و أن يتعامل مع قضاياهم. يريدون منه أن يجتمع بقيادتهم الدينية و أن يزور كنائسهم. إنها خطوات قام بها رؤساء سابقين و لكنه تجنبها بالرغم من إنها دون شك سوف تساعد على كسر حائط عدم الثقة و تبنى جسورا من التسامح و الألفة بين المسلمين و المسيحيين.
16. يريد الأقباط أن يسمح لهم بالانضمام بدون أى قيود لكافة الجامعات التى ينفق عليها من الأموال العامة مثل الأزهر و كليات الشرطة و العسكرية. ففى الوقت الحاضر يسمح للأقباط فقط بنسبة 2% من الأماكن في كلية الشرطة و الأكاديمية العسكرية و حتى هذه النسبة الضئيلة لا يتحقق انضمامها فعليا.
17. تأسيس الفصل التام بين الدين والدولة، عبر إصلاحات دستورية وإنهاء التركيز على الدين وعلى دوره في مؤسسات الدولة، والتأكيد بدلا من ذلك على الطبيعة العلمانية للدولة.

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