Saturday, December 10, 2005

Egypt court extends detention of Nour

Ayman Nour
CAIRO (Reuters) - An Egyptian court extended the detention of liberal politician and former presidential candidate Ayman Nour on Saturday until December 12 when his trial on forgery charges resumes, Nour's lawyer said.

Nour, who was confined to a cage in the court room during Saturday's hearing, was President Hosni Mubarak's main rival in Egypt's first presidential election in September, winning 8 percent of the vote compared with 89 percent for Mubarak.

Nour was first held in January for questioning and released in March after the United States put pressure on the government. He was then charged with submitting forged signatures when his opposition Ghad Party applied last year for legal recognition.

Washington said it was watching Nour's trial closely after the court ruled on Monday that Nour be detained again, until Saturday's session.

"The judge ordered their (the defendant's) detention ... until the next session," one of Nour's defence lawyers, Amir Salim, said after Saturday's hearing, adding that the court would reconvene on December 12.


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