Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Muslim Brotherhood will "shut down" Sharm Al Sheikh !

Sharm Al Sheikh, a famous resort area in Egypt

Mahdi Akef, leader of the "Muslim Brotherhood"group, or the "Mother Of All Terrorist Groups", was asked in an interview with the Egyptian "Orbit" channel on November 28th, 2005:
"What will you do with Sharm Al Sheikh if your group was in charge of the country?"

Akef answered: "We will shut it down, what tourism and this non-sense!


At 5:44 PM , Blogger Egypeter said...

Is this a JOKE?!?! Here come the mullah's!

Egypt is not filthy Iran or Saudi Arabia!!

People in Egypt better do something before these fanatics make good on their crazy crazy promises!!

At 9:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rumors rumors rumors, this site has no cridet , just fake news and liessssssss

At 9:51 PM , Anonymous Ayman said...

what kind of idiots voted for these guys! Didn't they take a look at the group's website ! to see what kind of agenda the brotherhood holds for Egypt. As for the other idiot who says these are rumors, may be he should continue sleeping till they force him to grow his beard and cover his wife with a tent...if that's not his case already

At 10:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No it is not my case ... but also i can't accept these shit ... be honest

At 10:56 PM , Anonymous Ayman said...

Then you ought to look at this if you know how to read and shut up

At 11:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is it ur source?
I'll not say anything else....

At 3:01 AM , Anonymous فريد said...

و الله انتو حيرتونا ... بتدافعوا عن السياحة و لا ضد الاضطهاد و لا مع الاغنيا و لا الفقرا

At 6:15 AM , Anonymous ِِAyman said...

الى فريد
بصراحة احنا ضد المتخلفين عقليا سواء اللى اسمهم فريد او اللى اسمهم عاكف

as for the anonymous poster , he is just like those idiots who still don't believe that Bin Ladin was behind September 11th, even after he admitted doing it. There is Orbit channel who aired the interview, Elaph and Middle East Transparent news websites....if these are not sources for you, then go ask him for yourself..and by the's a zionist conspiracy against the beautiful and angelic Muslim Nation

At 12:30 PM , Blogger Egypeter said...

Ayman - Don't let anonymous bother you...DENIAL is all that many Muslims know. Last time I was in Egypt I had a cab driver insist that it was the Zionist Imperialist Jews that flew the planes into the World trade center. It's purely appaling!!! Just like that fanatic ruling Iran who denies the Holocaust


Just like there is absolutely no discrimination in Egypt, Jews destroying the WTC, and the Holocaust a myth...many people are just afraid of the truth so they lie to themselves.

Of course the Ekhwan wants to shut down Sharm!!! Tourists bring their immorality there, women are free, they serve alcohol, there's dancing...HOW DARE SHARM BE LIKE THAT?! It should be like Saudi or Iran where we shold flog these people that do these things!

Anonymous, or should I call you Mohammed...quit lying to yourself. DENIAL is not just a river in's the same as lying.

Ayman, anybody with a brain in their head knows the truth. God Bless you Ayman.

God help Egypt before the Mullah's take over!

At 2:19 PM , Blogger Egypeter said...

This is what Egypt has to look forward to if the terrorist Ekhwan come to power...Just like that fanatic Ahmadinejad of Iran says

If they come to power they will surely DESTROY Egypt!

At 6:17 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Free Copts is looking for stories.

The story has to have an anti-islamic theme, and must take place in Egypt. Ideally it highlights the positive aspects of a Christian Copt run nation and a few plugs for Pope Shnouda the 3rd. As a guide, use the Jewish claim to persecution by the Pharaohs and that they built the Pyramids, and throw in a few references to the Holocaust. The truthfulness of the story is not particularly important, just the number of hits it gets from gullible hate filled readers.

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