Saturday, January 21, 2006

Egyptian Security Forces Inspire the Muslim Crowd to Attack the Copts

Muhammad Nour, Security Chief of Luxor tells Fr. Sarabamoun : These forces are not here to protect the Copts but to prevent them from praying in church:

Security Chief has asked Fr. Sarabamoun,- the priest of Holy Virgin Mary Church in the village of Udayasaat, Luxor- to enter the church, once he did and saw the alters he informed the priest not to pray and to leave the church, later on he informed the security forces that their mission is not to protect the Copts nor the church but to prevent them from praying. Afterwards the Muslim crowd started attacking the church and the Copts in a barbaric way at 7:00 PM on Wednesday night ( January 18, 2006) , the raid continued till 2:00 AM despite the heavy presence of security forces

You can listen to Fr. Sarabamoun's description (in Arabic) of the sorrowful events by clicking here
Fr. Sarabamoun is making an urgent plea for HELP to protect the innocent Copts against the aggression of the Egyptian government and the barbaric attacks of the Muslims in the village of Udaysaat, Luxor.

Mr. Kamal Shakir Megala'a, seen here- died as a result of the injuries he suffered during the attack


At 11:31 AM , Anonymous said...

The post says "Fr. Sarabamoun is making an urgent plea for HELP. . ." How can one respond to the plea? With prayers, certainly, but how else? It would be most helpful to give readers some particular things we can do: links we can follow, phone numbers we can call, a government email address or physical address in Egypt we can flood with messages, charities we can contribute to, a Paltalk room we can meet in, whatever. Some of us know some Arabic, many of us don't. What can the Arabic speakers do? the non-speakers?

At 7:04 PM , Anonymous raif said...

To mt1016b

It is a good source for news and ideas. There are both Arabic and English sections. It also has its own Discussion Boards.
I salute your wish to help. Hopefully, there are many more like you out there.

At 6:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
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