Thursday, February 02, 2006

Egypt's Terror TV

By Nonie Darwish

I was listening to the Egyptian government’s Cairo Orbit channel one day, the “Cairo Today” show, when suddenly the host, Amr Adib, threatened the life of Father Zakaria Boutros, a Coptic Christian leader. Adib did that right in front of an audience of millions. The show was broadcast in December, 2005. Father Boutros is an Egyptian Coptic priest who has peacefully inspired about 500 Egyptian Muslims to convert to Christianity, something considered a crime punishable by death in the Muslim world. For carrying out those conversions, he was imprisoned twice while he was living in Egypt in the early 1980’s and is now living in exile outside of the country.

TV host Adib, in threatening Father Boutros, said that no one will remain quiet about what Father Boutros says and does even today. He will be cut up into little pieces. If he were still in Egypt, he would never be able to return to his home alive. He was told he would not get away with those conversions of Muslims to Christianity.

As an Arab myself, I don’t want to see Muslim youth get confused and kill innocent Copts or another good Coptic priest in place of Father Boutros, because that is what certainly happens in Egypt after a show like this airs.

The reason for those threats on Egyptian television by Amr Adib was because he believes that Father Boutros’s challenging questions about Islam and his quotations from the Koran about killing people denigrate Adib’s Islamic faith.

Father Boutros, in rebuttal, still says he wants someone in the Muslim hierarchy to answer many pressing questions and contradictions found in the Hadiths (the book of commentaries on the Koran) and the Koran itself, and that both Muslims and non-Muslims have been asking many unanswered questions that they are unable to get direct answers from by any Muslim. Father Boutros’s frustration is shared by many in the Arab world, but people are afraid to speak out. There was a Muslim sheikh on the same show with Adib, Sheikh Khalid El Guindi, who also refused to answer questions about Islam from Father Boutros and said that his answer to the Father’s questions will come out soon in a booklet. Of course, this will never happen, it was just a stall. The majority of the show was full of undignified yelling, insults and lies shouted by the host and others of his ilk.

The show then received a call from some frightened Coptic Christian Egyptians who anxiously said that they condemn what Father Boutros said about Islam and his controversial questions. Egyptian Copts have been living under extreme fear, oppression and terror in Egypt more than ever before for the last 30 years. Coptic girls have been disappearing and kidnapped by Muslim gangs and later placed into forced conversions and marriages to Muslim men. If they attempt to go back to Christianity they are murdered as apostates. Churches are being burned and Copts by the dozens are being killed. The last attack was in Alexandria recently when a nun was stabbed, Bibles were burnt, and the local Coptic Church was desecrated by a mob.

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Father Zakaria Boutros' official website


At 4:17 PM , Blogger Alexandra said...

with all due respect the Orbit channel is not owned by the Egytian government. It is owned by the Adib family and some saudis. do not spoil your point of view by minor inaccuracies that cause a shadow of doubt over all you say

At 4:34 PM , Anonymous Peter said...

This article was quoted, plus the Orbit can't operate without the approval of the Egyptian government.

At 4:58 PM , Blogger Egypeter said...

Who the hell cares who owns it Alexandra???

The point is is that it was aired in Egypt for all Egyptians to watch and it promotes the typical VIOLENCE, INTOLERANCE and JIHAD!

So WHO CARES who owns it? I don't think, as you say, it spoiled the point or caused a shadow of doubt in ANY logical person's mind...except for maybe the fanatics that are running around Egypt looking for excuses.

At 5:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amr, a TV host !!! gives us an idea of how low Egypt has become. It's his sick kind of mentality that dominates the Egyptian society now.

At 1:48 AM , Anonymous Nicco said...

I'm reminded of Homer Simpson when, about to be assaulted by a chiropractor jealous of his back-healing invention, yells, "Think of the IRONY!"

As Hamas threatens Danes, Norwegians, and the entire E.U. with deadly violence, for portraying Islam as violent, they should think of the irony.

As Adib threatens to cut Fr. Zacharias to pieces for quoting the Koran's violent passages, he should think of the irony.

At 1:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The languages that were used by that person is unfortunate and reflect immature mentality. However, before you jump on conclusion, just ask yourself the following:

Is it alright to insult Islam? Is it alright for Muslims to attack Christians?

I think both ways are wrong and there should be any excuses for any one to do so. I am not MUCH familiar with what Fr. Zakaria is doing. However, I find it strange that a Christian priest is discussing Islam instead of preaching Christ.
Does any one here feel that it was Ok for someone like shikh Kishik or Sharway to discredit our faith with their ignorance?
If Fr. Zakaria wants to discuss Islam, then let him get ride of his priesthood first. I know that the Coptic Church of Egypt does not recognize his views as part of the church. He too should excuse himself from that role as well.

Concerning the fiasco in Europe concerning Cartoons of Mohammed, I think these issues are not related to religion but the strong believe of the Europeans in the freedom of Expression and the freedom of the press. It is not done by Christians, but mostly by Atheists who are happy to insult Christianity with the same attitude. Unfortunately for Muslims, the world does not bound by their limited views concerning the freedom of expression. They have to get on with their lives, like it or not.
Blessing to all, Muslims and Christians and
please pray for wisdom!!

At 7:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amr Adib is a moron, as you can see from his reaction this is how most islamic people would react, unfortunately there religion is a religion from satan and I challenge Amr Adib to answer Father Zakaria'a questions, simply put he can't and neither can his people or sheiks. Why you ask because Father Zakaria is right, until now now one has ever challenged there religion on national TV airing world wide, currently you have over 6 million Moslem people converting back to Chritianity world wide and one day they will all see the truth that only Jesus is the way.


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