Friday, February 24, 2006

Nigeria: Muslims burn Christians alive

By J. Grant Swank,
Feb 24, 2006

Cartoons. Then blood. Sticks. Then blood. Machetes. Then blood. Iron bars. Then blood. Torches. Then blood.
Muslims torched church buildings. Christians were beaten into the ground by Allah devotees.
St. Rita’s Catholic Church’s priest and domestic staff were burnt to death in their living quarters. A husband, wife, and six children were burnt alive when Islamic killers torched their house.

A tire was wrapped around a believer. Muslims doused his body and the tire with petrol. The fire was lit.
Corpses were laid in stacks at the Madiuguri hospital.

Muslims robbed Christian homes. Islamics violently attacked a prominent Christian family in Jos, capital of Plateau State.
Muslim youth drew their swords, stabbing the driver of an automobile. Then they turned on a pregnant Christian and seven others.

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