Saturday, February 18, 2006

Unveiling of the Cartoons event in California

California Copts should participate and display the Anti-Semitic and anti-Christian content in the Egyptian media

هذه فرصة لأقباط كاليفورنيا للمشاركة بعرض نماذج من القذارة الاعلامية المصرية والعربية المعادية للأقباط والمسيحيين واليهود عامة مثل كتابات مصطفى بكرى وزغلول النجار ومحمد عمارة وعادل حمودة وطارق البشرى وسليم العوا .... الخ
هيا نطالب بوضع هؤلاء العنصريون خلف القضبان ونطالب بمحاكمتهم امام المحاكم الدولية لتحريضهم على الأقليات الدينية فى الشرق الاسلامى التعيس
لدينا نماذج مترجمة الى الانجليزية من المقالات العنصرية لهؤلاء ونحن مستعدين لارسالها اليكم
راسلونا على
Tuesday, February 28th
together with
The Unveiling of the Cartoons &A Discussion To Confront Terror
A panel discussion at U.C. Irvine, California
Tuesday February 28th
@ 7:00 PM
Topics of discussion will be:
A) Are some U.S. Islamic groups apologists for terror?
B) Discussing Islamic militancy on U.S. college campuses.
C) The 'Unveiling of the Cartoons' in which the controversial Danish cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Mohammad will be displayed along with Anti-Semitic and Anti-Western cartoons which have been printed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations, with the panelists commenting on their perspective of each cartoon.

Location: U.C. Irvine Campus, Irvine CA.

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 28th
Time: 7:00 PM sharp
This is a free event
All are welcome. There will be an empty chair with an open invitation for the Council on American Islamic Relations or other Islamic groups to join in the discussion. A wide range of panelists with in depth knowledge on Islamic extremism will be at this event.
Go to
for more information.


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