Thursday, February 23, 2006

Video reports form Al Ayat, Giza

Coptic Christians in the village of Ezbet Wassef, Al Ayat, Giza are afraid to leave their homes fearing a Muslim attack (courtesy of Copts United)
Egyptian authorities attempt to cover up the crimes of the Muslim mob:
Click here to watch Hala Al Masry's live rerport from Ezbet Wassef ( reporting in Arabic)
You will see footage of Coptic Christian villagers who are unable to leave their homes fearing attacks by the Muslim mob.
Egyptian police arrested 5 Copts and accused them of buring their own houses!!! in an attempt to cover up the criminal attack on Christians by the Muslim mob.
You can also click here to watch an interview with Mr. Magdy Ayad, a Coptic resident of the village talking about the events. Egyptian police arrested his brother, uncle and his uncle's wife while being under siege in their own houses.

Sequence of events

On 2/19, while some Coptic youth were working on cleaning the church, they were attacked by Muslim mob marching from neighboring villages of "Mansheit Abu Abbas, Meit Al Qaed, The Saudi Village and the village of Girza" . The Muslim mob were chanting slogans calling for Jihad against the infidels in addition to insults against Christians and their faith such as: (There is no god but Allah and Christians are the enemies of Allah)
Upon arriving at the church, the mob tried to set it on fire by throwing flammable materials on it Parts of the church was burned, the houses of the following Copts were also set on fire:
1-Sami Naguib Moawad
2-Awadalla Yacoub
3-Adly Abdelsaid
4-Kamal Abdelsaid
The Egyptian authorities tried to frame the house owners for the crime and accused them of burring their own homes!!!

- Upon arriving to the village, security forces stayed over Mr. Muhammad Moursi, the person who instigated the attack on the church and whose sons bear the responsibility for inciting the crowd and throwing flammable bottles on the Coptic owned homes

Representatives from the Al Kalema center, a human rights organization decried the bias of the Egyptian authorities that are protecting and befriending the criminal instead of arresting him!
Asekd about the nature of relationship they had with the criminal, a security officer replied: " "Like friends", as for the Copts " We are dealing with them with a sharp edged razor" said the police officer
Representatives from Al Kalema center also visited the Al Ayat police precinct and asked whether Mr. Muhammad Moursi and his sons were to be summoned for interrogation and the response was negative

It is worthy to note that Copts make up the majority of the Ezbet Wassef Ghali village (1200 out of 2000), and the biggest mosque in the village was donated by a Coptic Christian ( Mr. Wassef Ghali, who is related to Mr. Boutrous Ghali, the former UN Secretary), the Muslim mob returned the favor by burning the Coptic owned homes and attempted to burn the only church in the village!


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Thank you for the update
I feel so bad for these innocent people
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