Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Copt arrested in Egypt for eating Danish cheese

This is NOT a joke!
A 56-years old Copt was arrested in Egypt for buying and eating Danish cheese!

Mokhles Tharwat was arrested by Egyptian state security agency two weeks ago and has been detained ever since.
Mr Mokhles suffers from heart disease. The conditions he faces in detainment, especially that he faces no official accusation, may be life threatening.
A Muslim neighbor of Mr Mokhles is believed to be behind the arrest.
Most Egyptian supermarkets are still boycotting Danish products after a Danish newspaper published photos of the Islamic prophet that some Muslims considered to be "offensive".


At 8:09 PM , Blogger Egypeter said...

It's really really sad that you have to preface your post with:

"This is NOT A JOKE!"

It seems like most of the stories that come out of Egypt regarding Christians ARE a joke.

How many muslims have been arrested in Egypt for eating Danish Cheese?

Maybe it's just a Christian crime?

At 8:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just bought Danish Cheese after reading these news this morning.

I encourage everyone to buy more cheese.

The real joke is all these protests. I truely believe they are mentally retarded.

At 11:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm a middle eastern studies major at the university of texas, the more i read about Coptic history---the more depressed i get.

when are we going to get rid of our dhimmi leaders???

At 5:28 PM , Blogger ME said...

You know what ... Truely it is not a joke.. It is a Disaster, not the peice of stupied rumor that you published here but the lack of sense & humanity behind it and you think that anyone would ever ever believe you. It is a pity... and you call yourself Free, well this is really a joke, don't you know that the core essence of freedom is that you get free of lies, illusions, and hatered. Hope you can really experience Freedom one day.

At 5:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the idiot who called himself "ME"
click here to listen to the story from the family of the victim and shut up you coward


At 6:29 PM , Blogger Egypeter said...

I don't understand you "me"

Are you saying that this incident is a lie or a rumor?

Did you check the sources before you posted your comment?

You said:

"not the peice of stupied rumor that you published here but the lack of sense & humanity behind it and you think that anyone would ever ever believe you."

The "lack of sense & humanity behind it?"
Are you saying the arrest of a Christian in fundementalist Egypt for eating cheese DOES NOT LACK SENSE AND HUMANITY but the posting of the incident does?? What?

Ya know, I read a lot of STUPID comments on blogs but that one may have taken the cake. Before you go shooting off on your keyboard check to see if something is true or not. Click on the link and listen to the TESTIMONY!!!!!!

God know, Copts have been MURDERED in Egypt for less!! It's not really a stretch to imagine a Copt getting thrown in jail for eating cheese.


At 8:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes that is not a joke , That is a lie. We copts of Egypt are not facing any of those things that people like you always ie and say it happens , you are living abroad or even inside wishing to send your lies just to bring haterate to Egypt. we christian and muslim frends live together and i too stopped buying Danish products becausei disaprove what they did to Mohammad just as i disaprove it if they do the same to our beloved jesus christ

At 10:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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