Friday, March 03, 2006

Former Slave from Sudan to Speak in Staten Island

Leads March from NY to DC for Peace in Sudan
On Sunday, March 5, at 10:30 a.m. former Sudanese slave, Simon Deng will speak at the Elim Christian Assembly at 498 Manor Road, near Victory Blvd in Staten Island. Mr. Deng will talk about his experiences as a slave in Sudan, how he started the Freedom Walk, and why it is so important to him.

From March 15th to April 5th
Mr. Deng will walk from New York to Washington, DC to shed light on the genocide and modern-day slavery ravaging his homeland. He will hold a press conference at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on Wednesday, March 15th at 1 pm before commencing his walk.

Mr. Deng is encouraging people to walk with him in their home areas. Volunteers along the route have headed the call and have organized venues for him to speak and places for him and the other brave walkers to stay.

Mr. Deng, a native of Southern Sudan was captured at the age of 9 and sold to an Arab family in Northern Sudan which enslaved him for three and a half years until he was able to escape. Now 44, Deng speaks out about his difficult childhood and about the atrocities that continue to plague Sudan. One of the first 40 Sudanese to come to the US on political asylum in 1980, Deng has emerged as a national leader among the 250,000 Sudanese Refugees now living in the US.

The Freedom Walk is sponsored by the Sudan Campaign, a collection of national organizations, elected officials and influential individuals working for progress in human rights.

In Sudan, more than 1.5 million innocent people were killed between 1955 and 1973, and an additional 2 million were killed from 1983 to 2005 in what has become the largest civil war in the history of Africa. Since 2003, the ongoing genocide in Darfur has resulted in the slaughter of more than 300,000 in just the past 3 years. Current estimates show that over 10,000 humans continue die as a result of this crisis each week.
If you would like more information about the Sudan Freedom Walk, or would like to sign up to join the walk or volunteer in your home community, please visit the Sudan Freedom Walk website at, or send an email to

Local media: Maria Sliwa, Freedom Now Communications,
National media: Meryl Zegarek, Meryl Zegarek Public Relations, Inc. 917-403-3601,


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