Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Head of Pediatrics Department Resigns to Protest Discrimination Against Coptic Christians

In an unprecedented and courageous step, a Muslim medical professor who also heads the Department of Pediatrics at El Minia University in Upper Egypt submitted his resignation to the president of the university to protest the discrimination practices against Coptic Christians in the university's medical school.

Prof. Dr. Salem Ahmad Sallam, Head of the Department of Pediatrics at El Minia University stated the following in his resignation:

" Dear Mr. President of the University,

I would like you to accept my resignation from heading the department of pediatrics to protest the antagonistic practices by the medical teaching staff against the resident Mira Maher Raouf ( A Coptic female physician) in order to prevent her from holding a teaching post solely because of her faith. In addition, I'm protesting the university's negligence in addressing such grave matter despite the abhorrent mistreatment and injustice against the (Coptic) physician.

Upholding citizenship rights is of great importance in order to achieve a comprehensive development of the Egyptian society in all aspects. There is no citizenship rights without providing an equal opportunity to everyone regardless of their religious affiliations."

The resignation was first posted online in Arabic by the Egyptian opposition Kefaya ( Enough) movement
نص إستقالة لإهدار حق المواطنة بسبب الدين.


At 11:30 PM , Blogger Egypeter said...

Wow. Well this goes to prove that there are intellectual, moderate and good Muslims that ARE willing to stand next to their fellow Egyptians.

I applaud Dr. Salem Ahmad Sallam and congratulate him on his courage. I am proud to call him a fellow Egyptian!

God bless this man and the Cotic Doctor. I pray for this Coptic physician and for her to achieve professional success.

At 6:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three cheers to this brave and honest doctor. He is one of the very few who have the courage to stand by the truth and justice.

At 11:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egypt needs people with such great courage as Prof. Dr. Salem Ahmad Sallam, Head of the Department of Pediatrics at El Minia University.
God bless you Professor.

At 5:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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