Sunday, April 16, 2006

Clashes follow Murdered Copt funeral.

Clashes broke out between Muslims and Coptic Christians in Alexandria in Egypt after the funeral of a Coptic worshipper killed in church on Friday.

Police fired tear gas and tried to separate the groups, who threw stones and attacked each other with sticks. Fifteen people were arrested.
The unrest followed the funeral of Nushi Atta Girgis, 78, who died in one of three knife attacks in Alexandria.
Christians have accused the government of failing to protect them.
Mourners shouted anti-government slogans as the funeral procession - attended by an estimated 3,000 people - turned into a protest outside the church where the funeral was held.
At least 15 people were injured and four vehicles were burned out, an interior ministry source said.
The ministry said those arrested were both Copts and Muslims and included "some fanatic extremist elements".

The government has said a "deranged" man was arrested for carrying out all the attacks at the three churches, but some Copts believe they were carried out simultaneously as part of an anti-Christian plot by extremist Muslims.
A judge has remanded the arrested man, Mahmoud Salah-Eddin Abdel-Raziq, 25, in custody.
"Certain papers speak of a madman. I don't believe a word. It is propaganda to silence us and to make us believe it is an individual incident," said Karim, a 78-year-old Copt at the funeral.
"We have always been peaceful, but we are always crushed by the Muslims," said 30-year-old Girgis Mina. "If the state does not protect us, we will do it ourselves."
Christians make up 10% of the Egyptian population and have complained of harassment and discrimination.
Some Copts argue that previous attacks on them have gone unpunished or have drawn light sentences.
Most Christians in Egypt are Copts - Christians descended from the
ancient Egyptians.


At 9:53 AM , Anonymous wedad said...

Iam so sorry
WE are praying for you here all the time
god bless you all

At 12:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I congratulate this man who said"if the state can not protect us,we can do ourselves" this is the right thing . Egyptian government must understand it,All Egyptians must understand it and all free world must understand it.

At 1:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would think that the government in Egypt would start to take notice and stand up to the forces of fanatism. Instead, it is releasing from prison hundreds of crazy members of Gamaa Islamia.

At 2:31 AM , Blogger G. Brandon Hoyt said...

Stand firm! Remember that we MUST count it joy to share in the suffering of our Lord.
"The Body that suffers is done with sin" -
St. Pete

At 2:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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