Monday, April 24, 2006

Conflicting Reports of The Number of Dead in Dahab

According to the web site of Elaph, there are conflicting reports on the number of victims in the Dahab explosions. The Egyptian Interioe Ministry claims that there are 10 dead, while some “Medical” sources state that the number of dead is more like 35, while the number of wounded is more than 200. Most of the victims are Egyptians, beside some other European nationals.

Security source said that the 3 explosions were located in the market area, Al Mashrabiya hotel, and the entrance to Dahab. An eye witness claims that the explosions happened within 5 minute of each other.

On the other hand, Mr. Shalom Cohen, the Israeli Ambasador in Cairo has said on the Israeli radio that he was informed by the Egyptian security forces that there are no Israeli victims among the dead.


At 4:50 AM , Anonymous JPierre said...

In regards to the number of dead. Please tell me since when are we getting accurate information from our beloved media :)

At 7:02 AM , Anonymous raif said...

You have a point, jpierre.

Sadly, people in Egypt still turn to foreign sources for relaiable information.

At 8:20 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What kind of government sits there and watches while 3 of its main tourist cities are blown up within a year and a half !! Did they just think it would go away! Did they think of building more hospitals in case something like this happens or even a natural disaster, oh "we have the Sinai International hospital just an hour away " said some health minister spokesman. Just an hour away !!!! Doesn’t this moron understand that an hour away is way too far !!! Then an ex official from the ministry of interior live on an Pan-Arab Channel says that security in the Sinai is a problem Egypt has because of the Camp David Accord (limiting the number of Army Personnel in the Sinai) Did that moron even read the peace accord. I am sure that if Egypt wanted more army personnel in the Sinai they could discuss with the Israelis, they send over the head of intelligence to discuss the Israeli and Palestinian security !!! The Minister of Interior has to stop beating up voters and focus on stopping these attacks. If the Sinai Bedouins are helping these people out (attackers) then the government has to find out why and do something about , It might just happen to be that the government has ignored these people ,who are Egyptian , for years and years .
To the Egyptian government I urge you to Wake up and smell the coffee before you wake up and smell the smoke of more charred bodies! Each member of the Government swore to God that they would take on a responsibility towards our country!
It is about time you did something about it

At 10:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the person above. The government has a lot to do to protect the citizens of Egypt. However, I want also to say that the Egyptians themselves have to act. Where is the showing of public anger against the terrorists, which is the least thing to do now?
So far, we have seen only a weak demonstration in Dahab. Does this mean that the rest of Egypt is happy for what had happened?

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