Saturday, April 15, 2006

Copts demonstrate in Alexandria.

Following the attacks on three Coptic churches in Alexandria on Friday, which resulted in the death of one Copt, and serious injury to others, a burial service was held today in “The Saints” church for Mr. Noshi Atalla Garas, the Copt who died after being stabbed by a knife carrying Moslem.

Tens of thousands of sad, angry Copts from Alexandria as well as other parts of Egypt gathered inside and outside the church. They carried loud speakers, wooden crosses, and large banners. Thousands started shouting“ Our souls and blood for the cross”, “Mubarek, Mubarek, where are you?”, “when will the persecution of the Copts stop?”,”We shall never leave Egypt, except for heaven”. One particular banner said” Minister of Health, is there a disease called madness of killing Copts?” This is in reference to the explanation given by government officials the murderer is “psychologically disturbed”.

When the coffin carrying the body of the deseased came out of the church, many men and women started crying, while the bells of all of Alexandria’s churches started ringing the tune of “Maryr” and people started singing sad hymns, instead of shouting slogans. This was followed by huge demonstrations in the area around the church expressing frustration and anger of thousands of Copts towards Mubarek, Islamic terrorism, and failure of the government to protect Copts.
The demonstrations were peaceful and no injuries were reported.


At 5:48 PM , Blogger El Grumpo said...

You copts have got to keep sentries around your churches. Someone to intercept and fight the damn muslims who come to hurt you.
You have the right, as a group, to protect yourselves and the turn the other cheek thing does'nt apply I'm sure.
Some strategicly placed baseball bats and/or slingshots could come in real handy.
A year or two of tai-kwondo training would help too.
But, don't give up!

At 5:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many people would completely agree with you, el grumpo.

At 11:24 PM , Blogger Bent El Neel said...

el grumpo
There are security officers around churches!!! Imagine what would hapen if there weren't.

At 11:30 PM , Blogger Bent El Neel said...

Just wanted to share this with u guys. I read the readers comments on an article regarding this topic in I like to read those comments just to see what the average Arab-Muslim man (or woman) are thinking today. One comment made me think of the old Egyptian saying "Hamm ybakki w hamm yeda7ak"

A man claims to have been in the funeral procession and that the clashes started because the Coptic mourners grabbed a veiled woman (mo7aggaba) and beat her up!!!!!

I kid you not ladies and gentlemen!!

Think about it. If that were true, there probably wouldn't be any Copts left in Alexandria by today. Disaster is; people will probably believe this and get more and more inflamed.

Lord Have Mercy.

At 12:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

what happen is sad, but we must be careful so we can get the majority of Muslims of Egypt on our side. Do NOT attack Islam or Muslims because They are our brothers and sisters.
People are frustrated, but frustration should not make us criminals by breaking the laws. We are EGYPTIANS and so are the other 90 % Muslims of Egypt. So let us try to work TOGETHER (Muslims and Christians) to bring justice and freedom to ALL Egyptians.
There are elements in the government who want people of Egypt to be occupied by Muslim-Christians issues instead of freedom and dignity of every Egyptians.
Be cool and rational Even in the middle of very emotional, unstable and frustrating situation.

The governments in our part of the world have no good human right records even when it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood. So concept such as "divide and concord" is at work here.

In the worst case remember the embracement of the Muslims world with their violent reaction to the Danish Cartoons, so don't let yourself in their position.

peace to the Christian people of Alexandria and of all Egypt and peace to ALL the people of Egypt.
In love and with prayers for all the victims

At 12:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need to be engaged with the Muslims neighbors and be as Christ wants us to be "light of the world".
It is easy to blame Muslims and "Others" for our problems, but until we DO something positive about our condition nothing will change.
Start with us before we ask any one else for help. Let us be brave in helping our week and needy. Let us participate in political and cultural life of Egypt. Let our voice be heard not by violence but by our service to our society. Let us not live like victims but let us change the world. Our future is in our hand, not in the hands of the government, the political system, or even the Church. It is in hand of every one of us who is also connected to Christ our God.
Let us love those who hate us, so we become the voice of God to them and the light of God to their darkness. Let us love them so we might win them to Christ.
Those who attack us are not attacking our personality or our way of life, but our Christ and God. So let us become Christ to Them. Let us absorb their poison so we can cure their illness.
It is spiritual warfare, so don't make it an earthly one.
And if we chose to fight our wars with the weapons of this world, then we deny a faith that sustained us for 2000 years. This war is with God, so let us win it with love, patience, and forgiveness, knowing that HE WHO IS on our side id stronger than Him who is against us.

Let us hope that in every thing we do we chose to be the side of God, so His grace can shine in the hearts of all mankind.



At 8:56 AM , Blogger raif said...

I could not help a smile when I read what bent el neel has mentioned! I just hope that enough people will have enough sense to disregard such ridiculous lies.

What is not a lie is that something needs to be done before the volcano of Copts anger and frustration erupts.

I agree with eemc. Copts have to be very careful not to break any law. But they still can show their feelings and demand justice in every peacful way available.

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