Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Islamists New Attack on Copts ?

The web site www.copts-united.com reports today that an attack has been launched by fanatic Islamists against Copts in the village of Wasef Ghaly Pacha, in El Ayat, Egypt.

The attack started when the Islamists entered the church soon after the service, and assaulted the priest. This was followed by spread of violence in the village where some properties of Copts were destroyed, and some of their cars and their land set on fire. There has been no response from the security forces of the village up to the time of sending the report, and the Copts were left to face the violence.

The report also mentions that the Copts of the village are to afraid to get out of their homes, and the priest cannot leave the church, because of the dangers and the threat to his life.


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