Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sinai Bomb Leader Killed.

Egyptian police say they killed Sinai bomb leader.

Egyptian police on Tuesday killed the leader of the group behind suicide bombings which killed 19 people in the Sinai peninsula last month, the Interior Ministry said.
Counter-terrorism units and police surrounded an agricultural area on the outskirts of the north Sinai town of El Arish in the morning after receiving information that Nasr Khamis el-Milahi was hiding there, it said in a statement.
Milahi and an assistant, named as Abdullah Alyan Abu Jarir, tried to escape and a firefight broke out between them and the police. Milahi was killed and Abu Jarir was captured, it said.
Police found two automatic weapons, ammunition and hand grenades on them, it added.
The authorities had named Milahi as the leader of a group called Tawhid wal Jihad (One God and Jihad), which they blame for a series of attacks in Sinai since October 2004.
They describe it as a group of Sinai Bedouin with militant Islamist views. The group itself has never issued a public statement or claimed responsibility for attacks.
The Sinai attacks have killed at least 117 people. The Red Sea resort of Taba and beach camps further south were bombed in October 2004 and Sharm el-Sheikh was bombed in July 2005.
Men identified by the authorities as members of the group have come mainly from El Arish, a poor town on the Mediterranean coast.
The police last week killed six men wanted over the bombings in gunbattles in northern Sinai.


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