Wednesday, May 31, 2006

US Delegate In Cairo.

A delegate comprised of 20 assistants of members of US Congress has started a visit to Cairo by meeting with members of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the People's Assembly. The American delegate has also visited the National Council of Human Rights, and had talks with Dr. Ahmed Kamal Abou El Magd, and a number of the Council members.

During the long meeting with Dr. Abou El Magd, and others, memebers of the delegate have discussed the Copts situation in view of the events of Alexandria, and the role of the National Council of Human Rights in realizing the role of citizenship among all Egyptians, and confirm their sharing in public affairs.

The delegate has also discussed the matter of Dr. Aymen Nour, leader of the "Ghad" opposition party, and his release of prison on health grounds. Sources said that Dr. Abou El Magd has explained that Nour has exhausted all the legal measures available to him and there remains only the two possibilities of release on health grounds or political pardon. Decision regarding these possiblities is in the hands of the Egyptian President alone.


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