Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Where is My Father?"

They want to "cleanse the area of the Copts".

The web site www.copts-united.com is showing a video of an interview with the family of Medhat Aziz Ibrahim from Kafr Seleem, Beheyra Governorate, in Egypt. Medhat, who is a Copt, has been arrested about 6 weeks ago, and his family has no contact with him since then. They were told that he is not allowed any visits, and they are not allowed to know his whereabouts.

In the video of the interview, and with a background of very noisy "Ezans" (Loud calls for Moslem prayers) Medhat's daughter wept as she told of what happened. The family lives in an area full of fanatic Islamists who insisted on talking with Medhat about his religion. He did not like their way of insulting Christianity, and had a few arguments with them about it.

On the 10th December, 2005 a group of bearded Islamists gathered around the house where Medhat lives with his family. They started shouting and hurling insults on him, calling him a "Kafer"(nonbeliever) and challenging him to come down. Telling his family that he cannot hide as a coward, he went down, unarmed, to face the Islamists. The were armed with thick sticks and swords, and started attacking him viciously. Someone dragged him back to the house thus saving his life, and it seemed that the matter would stop here. However, few hours later, Members of the State Security came to the house and arrested Medhat, without telling his family of the reasons for the arrest. Since his arrest, Medhat seems to have disappeared in thin air. No one knows why he was arrested, where he is kept, or how long he will be detained. Their house was attacked and all the glass windows smashed. All this plus fabricated accusations against Medhat were supported by members of the Police, especially an Islamist officer with the name of Mousa Abou El Eyneen. The family is still in the dark as to what is happening to Medhat.

The daughter and her mother cry quietly as they tell the story, and Medhat's brother shows the official document of the detainment. They tell of neighbours shouting at them" Be grateful that you(as Copts) are allowed to live with us(Moslems)" and "Let us burn the house of Kafers (Christians)". Also some Islamists declaring that their aim is to "cleanse the area from the Copts".

As for the little daughter, all she wants is to have her father back, safe and sound.

The video is in Arabic


At 8:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very powerful video.

I was very touched by the tears of the little girl. May god bring her father back to her soon.

At 7:59 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

we have to help this family not just feel sorry for them.
we have to follow the good samirtan example.

At 8:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with the previous comment.

Does anyone know how to send financial help to this family?

At 12:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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