Friday, June 30, 2006

Videos About the Zagazeeg Murder.

The web site
www.copts-united .com is showing 3 video clips related to the killing of the Copt Fouad Fawzy by a fanatic Moslem in Zagazeeg, Egypt.

One of the videos shows interviews with the victim’s brothers, family, and friends. They described Mr. Fawzy as a 40 years old person with a wife and two children, a girl and a boy who are 7 and 3 years old. He is described as a gentle and loving man who treated everyone with kindness and adored his little family. People cried with tears as they asked “Where is justice? Our brother was killed for no reason except that he is Christian”
More than one person asked in pained voice “ How will these small children be brought up and who is going to look after them now?”

Witnesses also said that during the funeral, and while they were carrying the coffin, they were attacked by the police and beaten severely, even though the funeral was a completely peaceful affair conducted while chanting Coptic hymns, and shouting slogans such as “ Our souls and blood are for the Cross” or “ We shall be victorious”.

A person who helped washing the body of the deceased said that there were multiple stab wounds, including a 7 cm one in the side, another one in the neck and a third in the abdomen.

The second video clip is an interview with the wife and children of the victim, with a background of the cries of pain coming from a large gathering of friends and family members.

The third video clip shows a meeting between Mr. Fawzi’s family and other relatives and the area’s representatives at the Peopl’s Assembly (The Egyptian House of Representatives) The Officials tried to calm the family by talking about finding a job for the widow of the deceased, but the anger, extreme sadness and shock of the family were overwhelming and the emotions were so very tense with most of them shouting for justice and punishment of the killer as soon as possible.
The three video clips give a full picture of the situation in Zagazeeg following this shocking stabbing. They are conducted in Arabic.