Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bakri Begs. Britain Refuses.

The following article appeared on the web site

Hate preacher Omar Bakri fled to the hills yesterday after Britain rejected his plea to escape the war.
The Muslim cleric, who ran away from Britain last year, had tried to board a ship full of women and children but was turned away.
He scurried to the mountain town of Aley, above Beirut, yesterday after Israeli missiles fell two miles from his his luxury flat.
The fanatic — who hailed suicide bombers as “magnificent martyrs” but called for an Israeli-Hezbollah ceasefire yesterday — clearly had no intention of laying down his life.
From the safety of the town’s swish Highland Hotel, Bakri, 46, launched into his familiar rant against Britain and Tony Blair.

He later nodded at morning prayers at the local mosque as the imam urged all Muslims to fight to the death for Hezbollah. I confronted the former dole scrounger as he left and asked why he was not willing to be a Hezbollah martyr.
He replied nonsensically: “You will not force your views on me.”
Then he ranted: “What has this fight got to do with me? I am Lebanese. If you are British your Government treats you like a human being but if you are not British you are treated like an animal.”
Bakri, a father of six and grandfather of four, left his family in Britain living on dole handouts.
His bid at Beirut port on Thursday morning to get on any British vessel ferrying evacuees to Cyprus was blocked by officials.

Predictably, Bakri blasted Britain for not letting him in, even though he has only a Lebanese passport. He said: “The embassy told me we are not dealing with visit applications, only British citizens who want to get out on a ship.
“I said, ‘What about my children in the UK who are concerned about their father? I don’t care what you think about me’. But they wouldn’t listen because I’m not a British citizen any more.
“I left Britain of my own free will and have never been charged with any offence. This has happened because I support the Palestinians, Iraq and Lebanon. All Muslims should unite and call for a ceasefire — but Tony Blair doesn’t want that. He wants bombing.”

Bakri left his family last August and went to Lebanon after a Sun campaign to kick him out. Charles Clarke, then Home Secretary, revoked his indefinite leave to remain in the UK.
In March he boasted: “When I left England I bought a one-way ticket out. I never want to see it again.”
But he changed his tune as soon as the Hezbollah guerillas he supports sparked the Israeli attacks.
In 22 years in the UK, Bakri sponged £300,000 in benefits. He preached violence and called the 9/11 terrorists the Magnificent 19. His preachings are thought to have encouraged British suicide bombers Omar Sharif and Asif Hanif.


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