Sunday, July 16, 2006

Coptic Church Is In Safe Hands.

The foundation of a new church in Egypt headed by Max Michel as the Archbishop of True Orthodox Christians was highlighted by the media in a manner which far out-weighted the magnitude of the issue. Some have accused the media of amplifying the issue to stir sectarianism. Such a claim is an exaggeration; there is no place here for the conspiracy theory usually recalled at times of crises. The media is entitled to cover events and present divergent outlooks. In fact, many of the social ills which have long ravaged our society remained buried under the surface until they were brought to light and investigated by the media. In such cases the media informs, promotes awareness, and protects public opinion from falling prey to fallacious concepts or attitudes.

As regards the issue of Max Michel’s church, it should be stressed—a priori—that the Coptic Orthodox Church is so deeply entrenched and firmly established in Egypt that there can be no serious threat to it. Its congregation and clergy should rest assured that there is no reason for confusion or fear. Churches are not commercial projects competing for customers. The Coptic Orthodox Church has a history which stretches 2000 years back, shelters Christian faith and guides millions of true believers who find comfort and peace in God. It is inconceivable that these millions could be easily tempted to join an upstart church. It can be further said that, besides the Church’s spiritual core, these millions form the shield which protects it.

The recent wave of fear and worry, and the call by some to defend the faith against an alien incoming church is uncalled for. It only serves to make heroes of the advocates of the new church project, and depict them as victims of persecution and oppression. Pope Shenouda III did well to hold a press conference to tackle the issue upon his arrival home from the US where he had been on a trip for medical treatment. The Pope’s words were confident, affirmative, calm and reassuring. In reply to worried questions, he said that the issue was too minor to be raised to the presidency, and that the US administration was neither behind nor supported this breakaway church. He challenged those who ordained Max Michel archbishop to prove he was affiliated with any of the Orthodox churches, whether the 15 Western Orthodox or the six Eastern churches.

Max Michel, the pope said, acknowledged the seven councils of Orthodox churches, while our Coptic Orthodox Church acknowledged only three. The Pope’s sensible statements assured millions that the Coptic Church is in safe hands and holds on to the true faith.The Pope further tackled an issue long placed on hold when he warned that Max Michel insisted on wearing garments similar to those of Coptic Orthodox archbishops, which may be dangerously misleading to simple folks. "We have long demanded that the formal clerical garments of the Coptic Orthodox Church should be registered and limited to the use of Coptic Orthodox clergy. President Mubarak promised to meet this demand and I do not know why nothing has yet been done about it". Registering clerical costumes is in fact one among many issues placed on hold—such as passing the unified personal status law for Christians. Shelved, these issues are time bombs ready to explode at any moment


At 2:46 PM , Anonymous HKP said...

There is very little information out there on this new church, its doctrines, or its leader. Even his complaints against the Coptic Church are not well elaborated.

It seems the main complaint is that the requirements for church sanctioned divorce are too strict. This is hardly a reason to go off and start a new church. There may be a demographic motivation. Allow easy divorce and, long-term, you might reduce the Coptic population.

At 10:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many people believe that the "powers to be" in Egypt are behind this false Pope Maximos. The obvious reason is "Divide and conquer".

At 3:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

alot of people been askin' about this guy Max all I know is what I read on the pope's
so here's what I think of Max and what will happen to him

about Mr max
as a copt(a true copt)I'm not sorry to tell you that his trick
to take control of the COPTIC ORTHODOX CHURCH or ccontrol from the (true coptic pope HH pope shenouda III) will be IMPOSSIBLE
and he shall be just another outcast to be only mentioned in our coptic history books as a blasphemer who broke on the rock of faith(the COPTIC ORTHODOX CHURCH)that the lord JESUS CHRIST
himself established
please DON'T listen to Max Michel.

At 6:12 AM , Anonymous antimax said...

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At 6:11 AM , Blogger antimax said...

Did you think why is he doing so. Did you think about how to help our coptic church facing this emerging problem. please join us at Save Our Coptic Church from Max Michel
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