Friday, July 21, 2006

More Cases of Disappearance of Coptic Girls.

The web site of Copts-united, has posted news about the disappearance of two more Coptic girls, believed to be kidnapped or brainwashed to leave their families and disappear without any trace. So far, the security officials have not made any efforts to find the girls, which increased the suspicion that the security forces are helping the fanatic Moslems of Egypt to force Coptic girls into converting to Islam.

The first girl is called Domiana Makram Hanna, from the area of Yousif El Sadeek, El Fayoum., who disappeared on Friday, July 7, 2006 on her way to visit her uncle in a neighbouring village. The prime suspect in this case is a person with the name of Mohamed Al Sayed Zaki, a known fanatic Moslem who has a history of interfering with Domiana. It is said that the head of the local unit of Criminal Investigations, an officer with the name of Mohamed Thabet is deliberately obstructing the efforts to find the girl.

The second girl’s name is Mary Saad Mahfouz Shenouda, from Kalyoub. Mary disappeared on Sunday, June 25, 2006 after going out with a friend, and as she was waiting for the transport microbus to go home.

Mary’s brother, George Saad M. Shenouda said that he sent telegrams, and faxes to President Hosni Mubarak, the Interior Minister Habib El Adly, Prime minister Ahmed Nazeef and many other officials, and that he has never received a reply. He, and the rest of the family, are very worried that after 30 days of the kidnapping, Mary can be forced to convert to Islam. He states that both parents of Mary are in bad shape and their health has gone from bad to worse since the disappearance of their daughter.

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