Thursday, February 09, 2006

The British Embassy in Cairo promotes Islam

According to the Arabic language website The British Embassy in Cairo is teaming up with the Biblotheca Alexandrina (Alexandria Library) to host Islamic singer " Samy Youssef" in an event to take place on November 12, 2006. Islamic Singer Samy Youssef is widely known to sing exclusive Islam oriented songs.

On the other hand, Dr. Yousef Ziedan , the director of the liberary's museum has previously displayed "The Protocols of Zion" next to the Torah saying " 'The Protocols of Zion Are More Important Than the Torah' , the protocols were later on removed when the scandal was exposed by

Reports confirm: Qaradawi is behind the escalation of cartoon reaction

Left: TV Sheikh Qaradawi who was behind the esclation of reaction amongst Muslims as we first reported here...... Qaradawi said: Whoever is Angered and Does Not Rage in Anger is a Jackass - We are Not a Nation of Jackasses

Right: Ahmed Abu Laban , the Danish imam who helped instigate the protests when he toured the Middle East in December to meet with Qaradawi and other Imams; during his tour, Abu Laban showed fabricated cartoons depicting the prophet of Islam in a very offensive fashion, even though the pictures had never appeared on Jyllands Posten.

He showed them fabricated cartoons such as these:

Abu Laban was also exposed on the Danish public television (DR)when it ran two interesting stories about him. While the first profiled him, showing his extensive links to the Egyptian group Gama'a Islamiya (Islamic groups that killed hundreds of Copts in the past) , the second showed his double-talk. Abu Laban, in fact, was first shown speaking on Danish television condemning the boycott of Danish goods (in English), then shown interviewed on al Jazeera, cheerfully commenting on the effectiveness of the boycott (in Arabic). To see the stories go to DR's website, click on "Se TV AVISEN" on the right and select the news broadcast from Friday, Feb. 3, at 9 PM (the stories start on the 23rd minute).

WND also reports that the Danish Imam welcomed September 11th attacks

The reports of Abu Laban's links to terrorists were compiled by the weblog Gateway Pundit.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Islamic States Urged to End Religious Intolerance

February 8, 2006

Christian Solidarity International (CSI)
870 Hampshire Road, Suite T
Westlake Village, CA 91361

CSI Deplores Wave of Islamic Violence against Freedom of Expression

Christian Solidarity International (CSI) deplores the continuing use of violence and threats of violence in Islamic states, especially last weekend's demonstrations for the restriction of freedom of opinion and expression regarding Islam as a religion and political ideology.

We are particularly dismayed at the murder of Catholic priest Fr. Andrea Santoro in the Turkish city of Trabzon by a youth shouting "Allahu Akbar", the stoning by Muslim mobs of St. Maroun Church in Beirut, the arrest in Amman of Jordanian newspaper editor Jihad Momani, and the burning of Western embassy buildings.

The role of the Jeddah-based Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), representing 57 Muslim states in creating a climate for violent confrontation and press censorship is a cause of deep concern.

The OIC set the stage for demonstrations against free speech at its extraordinary summit in Mecca in early December 2005. The Muslim heads of state resolved to pressure, through a program of Joint Islamic Action, international institutions to criminalize insults of Islam and its founder, Mohammed. The summit's final resolution referred specifically to the satirical caricatures of Mohammed published last September in Denmark, which were used as a pretext for the violent demonstrations. On the 4th of February - the day the mob violence commenced - the OIC described publication of the caricatures as acts of "blasphemy". Blasphemy is punishable by death, according to Shariah law.

The OIC's understanding of freedom is enshrined in its Cairo Declaration of Human Rights. This Islamic charter subordinates international norms for human rights to discriminatory Shariah law. Political repression, religious discrimination and the publication of anti-Jewish and anti-Christian literature are widespread phenomena within OIC member states, especially in its Arab heartland. Last weekend's demonstrations have the hallmarks of an OIC power-play aimed at imposing censorship on public discussion of Islam.

CSI urges the OIC and member states to desist from fanning the flames of religious intolerance. We also call on the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar, Mohammed Tantawi, and the Supreme Leader of Shiite Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to create conditions for genuine, non-violent dialogue with the non-Muslim world by affirming unconditional support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, which provides for freedom of expression, religion and conscience for all of mankind, regardless of race, creed or gender. Finally, CSI urges Western governments and civil society, especially the media, to resist the OIC's efforts to manipulate and censor public discussion about Islam and the Islamic world.

CSI is a Christian human rights organization for religious liberty, helping victims of religious repression, victimized children and victims of disaster.

Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism

by Daniel Pipes
The key issue at stake in the battle over the twelve Danish cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad is this: Will the West stand up for its customs and mores, including freedom of speech, or will Muslims impose their way of life on the West? Ultimately, there is no compromise: Westerners will either retain their civilization, including the right to insult and blaspheme, or not.

More specifically, will Westerners accede to a double standard by which Muslims are free to insult Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, while Muhammad, Islam, and Muslims enjoy immunity from insults? Muslims routinely publish cartoons far more offensive than the Danish ones . Are they entitled to dish it out while being insulated from similar indignities?

Germany's Die Welt newspaper hinted at this issue in an editorial: "The protests from Muslims would be taken more seriously if they were less hypocritical. When Syrian television showed drama documentaries in prime time depicting rabbis as cannibals, the imams were quiet." Nor, by the way, have imams protested the stomping on the Christian cross embedded in the Danish flag.

The deeper issue here, however, is not Muslim hypocrisy but Islamic supremacism. The Danish editor who published the cartoons, Flemming Rose, explained that if Muslims insist "that I, as a non-Muslim, should submit to their taboos ... they're asking for my submission."

Precisely. Robert Spencer rightly called on the free world to stand "resolutely with Denmark." The informative Brussels Journal asserts, "We are all Danes now."

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Britons urge crackdown on Muslim protesters

British police are under political pressure to explain why no arrests were made during demonstrations in which Islamic protesters chanted threatening slogans
"Behead the one who insults the prophet," read one placard a Muslim protester held at a weekend demonstration here against cartoon depictions of Islam's prophet Muhammad. "Butcher those who mock Islam," and "Be Prepared for the Real Holocaust," read other signs. One demonstrator wore a mock suicide vest, seven months after four suicide bombers killed themselves and 52 other people in London.
These protesters are now at the center of an impassioned debate about whether British police should arrest them for inciting violence.

Hamas & Pakistan - Congressional Working Group on Religious Freedom

The Congressional Working Group
on Religious Freedom
Freedom House’s Center for Religious Freedom
Invite you to a briefing on
Hamas’ Repression of Christians
Justus Reid Weiner
Author of Human Rights of Christians in Palestinian Society

Thousands of Palestinian Christians are leaving Palestine every year, notes Justus Reid Weiner, Scholar-in-Residence at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, and the issue has received scant attention. Weiner’s recent study paints “a picture of extortion, rapes, murder, forced marriages, heavy discrimination and, in the case of one Muslim convert to Christianity, murder” (BBC News, 12.5.05). The study was also featured in Christianity Today. Justus Reid Weiner will discuss his study of Christian exodus and what the Congressional Working Group can do.


Group Captain (Rtd.) Cecil Chaudhry

Board Director of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Catholic Bishop's National Commission for Justice and Peace Commission; Executive Secretary of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance
Thursday, February 16, 2006
4:00-5:00 PM
U.S. Capitol, SC-4

Please RSVP by 2:00 PM, February 15

Monday, February 06, 2006

تقرير بعثة الجمعية المصرية لمناهضة التعذيب لتقصي حقائق ما جرى في قرية العديسات

الشكر للجمعية المصرية لمناهضة التعذيب على هذا التقرير النزيه
تعليق الجمعية المصرية لمناهضة التعذيب على أحداث قرية العديسات بالأقصر
لم تكن المرة الأولى وللأسف يبدو أنها لن تكون المرة الأخيرة التي تشتعل فيها نيران الفتنة الطائفية في مصر تحت سمع وبصر قوات الأمن بل وبتحريض وتواطؤ منهم.. ..فها هو مدير الأمن ينذر القس بأنه أتى ليس لحماية الكنيسة ولكن لمنع الصلاة لتصل الرسالة للمخططين للأحداث وتعطيهم الضوء الأخضر في الهجوم..ها هم يبحثون عن مصدر للمياه لسيارة المطافئ قبل اندلاع الحرائق وكأنهم يعلمون أن غزوا وحرائق ستحدث.. وها هم يتركون الغزاة يضربون ويقتلون ويحرقون لأربع ساعات دون تدخل..وعندما تبدأ المطافئ في التحرك تسلط خراطيم المياه علي حوائط الكنيسة وليس علي النيران المحيطة بها؟ وها هم يمنعون الجرحى من الانتقال للأقصر للعلاج ويمنعون مواطنا من بناء بيته المتهدم ولم شمل أسرته من جديد... هؤلاء جميعهم لا زالوا أحرارا ولا نعلم لحساب من يعملون أو لماذا اقترفوا ما اقترفوه من جرائم
لكن ما نعلمه هو أن هناك مجموعة من المسيحيين مطلوبون للتحقيق أمام النيابة ونخشى أن يتحول الأمر مرة أخرى إلى خلاف بين أفراد وينتهي الأمر بتبادل القبلات ما بين القساوسة والشيوخ فيضيع دم من قتلوا ومرة أخرى يغلق الملف. لذلك فإننا نطالب بتعيين قاضي تحقيق محايد يقوم بالتحقيق في أحداث العديسات وذلك مع جميع الأطراف التي خططت لهذا الهجوم و/أو ساهمت فيه سواء بالتواطؤ أو حماية المعتدين أو تجنيدهم أو حشدهم ليقوموا بتلك الجرائم والذين تقاعسوا عن حماية مواطنين مصريين
وكذلك التحقيق مع هؤلاء المحشودين من القرية نفسها ومن القرى الأخرى مدفوعين إما بالخوف من البوليس أو بالعنصرية ضد الأقباط فلم يتركوا أخضرا ولا يابس ولا ميزوا بين حرمة بيت أو دار عبادة ولم ينج منهم لا كبار ولا صغار، ونخص بالذكر تلك الرتب الأمنية التي تدخلت مرة لمنع الصلاة ومرة لتنظيمها تبعا للدواعي الأمنية وليس تبعا لقواعد الأقباط في تنظيم صلاتهم
وأخيرا وليس آخرا لابد من توحيد قانون دور العبادة.. فلا يعقل في ظل دستور ينص على المساواة بين المواطنين أن يملك المسلمون حق الصلاة في أي مكان، عام أو خاص، في الزاوية أو المسجد أو الشارع ، على حين يمنع الأقباط من نفس الحق، وكأننا نعيش في زمن محاكم التفتيش حيث يضطر الأقباط إلى ممارسة طقوس عبادتهم في السر وإلا تعرضوا للقتل والحرق.
قانون موحد ومساواة في الحقوق وعلى رأسها حق الاعتقاد والتعبير، وإلا فسوف تبقى النار تحت الرماد، يشعلها المسلمون المتعصبون مرة وقوات الداخلية مرات وليسقط المزيد من الضحايا بلا ذنب سوى عنصرية يغذيها القمع والجهل ومصالح من يعيشون على اشتعال الفرقة بين المواطنين.. قانون موحد ومساواة في الحقوق وإلا سوف يأتي يوم لن ينفع فيه تبادل القبلات
لقراءة التقرير بالكامل رجاء إضغط هنا

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Scandal: The Egyptian Ruling Party Incites Violence Against Copts in Luxor

According to Al Ahaly Egyptian newspaper :

Secular tension between Copts and Muslims in the village of Udayssat, Luxor, Egypt, has continued this week as a result of the distribution of a new leaflet,- widely circulated-, which caused the security forces to enforce their presence, inside and outside the village.

Copy of the leaflet distributed in Udayssat threatening Copts to "demolish the church or else...."

This new leaflet includes a warning "To whom it may concern" meaning the Copts, saying that if they want to live in peace and be allowed to stay in the village, they have to "Demolish the church where they pray within few days, or else………" According to a report made by the security officials who are trying to find the source of the leaflet, there is now a state of increased tension between the Muslims and Copts.

On the other hand, there has been an important meeting of the leaders of the National Democratic Party (NPD) of Luxor, held inside the village of Udayssat, and attended by over a 1000 Muslim youths. This meeting was called for by Abel Aziz El Udayssi, the local administrator of the party, Mamdouh Hassan Saad, member of the Egyptian parliament , and other party leaders such as Mohamed El Malawany, Mohamed Abel Zaher, and Nasr Herzallah the secretary of the party's political committee.

In this meeting, the participants stressed their call for the national unity between Copts and Muslims but, at the same time, they used loud speakers to declare their refusal to accept the existence of the church, insisting that the Copts should not be allowed to pray in it, or even try to do any necessary repairs to the building.

Due to the increased tension that surrounded the meeting, it was decided by the security forces to end it, and delegated the leaders of the National Party to conduct talks with the "Nassara" ( a derogatory expression that refers to Christians) to reach an agreement. However, these leaders have confirmed that they will not change their demands regarding their demands of demolishing the church and to prevent the Copts from pray there. They asked the Copts to accept these conditions, and demanded the release of the Muslim suspects involved in the riots who were arrested after two Copts were killed during the last events.

On his part, Sha'ban Abdou, the head of the municipal authority of the village asked the committee delegated to conduct talks with Christians to claim that the church is nothing but a guest house that has no electric meter and to falsify that the church is stealing electricity and water supply!
24 people were detained as suspects of murder, arson and torching the church building and a taxi cab (plate number 3348 Luxor) during the recent wave of violence.

In its former issue, Al Ahaly newspaper published a report supported by photos that confirmed the participation of the local National Democratic Party leaders in inciting the secular troubles, and urging young Muslims to attack the church to prevent Copts from praying and celebrating the feast of Epiphany. As a result, about 700 Muslims attacked the church and attempted to demolish it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Qaradawi is asking for an apology?

Qaradawi, regarded by Muslims as a moderate cleric

Does Qaradawi have the right to ask for apology?
Qaradawi, who was behind the recent escalation of reaction against the cartoons published 3 months ago strongly condemned the portrayal of Islam as violent and said on Al Jazeera -his mouthpiece- " This is a direct insult to Islam and its prophet"
This cartoon particularly offended Qaradawi:

Despite our reservations against such cartoon, let's see what Qaradawi thinks of suicide bombings:

Qaradawi's own words on his website:

" Martyrdom Operations Are the Greatest Form of Jihad:

Dr. Yussuf Qaradawi has confirmed that the operations carried out by the Muslim youth that defend the lands of Islam and the religion and dignity of Islam are the greatest forms of Jihad for the sake of Allah. They fall under the definition of legitimate terrorism… 'I maintain that it is wrong to consider these acts as 'suicidal,' because these are heroic acts of martyrdom, which are in fact very different from suicide'"

Egyptian passenger ferry sinks in Red Sea

CAIRO, Egypt (CNN) -- An aging Egyptian passenger ferry carrying more than 1,400 people has sunk in the Red Sea off the Saudi coast, officials say.

State-run television said 12 survivors had been found, and 15 "victims."
"Our understanding now is that there are survivors," said Egyptian Minister of Transport Mohamed Loutfy Mansour about the Al Salam Boccaccio 98, citing reports from helicopter pilots. "There are lifeboats."
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