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Christian Peace Activist Killed in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq , News agencies: — The body of the only American among four Christian peace activists kidnapped late last year was found in west Baghdad with gunshots to his head and chest, Iraqi police said Saturday.
Tom Fox, 54, from Clear Brook, Va., was the fifth American hostage killed in Iraq. There was no immediate word on his fellow hostages, a Briton and two Canadians.
The U.S. command in Baghdad confirmed that Fox's body was picked up by
American forces on Thursday evening, although it provided no information on the condition.
An Iraqi police patrol was also at the scene, said
Falah al-Mohammedawi, an official with the Interior Ministry, which oversees police.
He said Fox was found with his hands tied and gunshot wounds to his head and chest. There were cuts on his body and bruises on his head, al-Mohammedawi said.
FBI verified that the body was that of Fox, and his family was notified, U.S. State Department spokesman Noel Clay said in Washington.
"The State Department continues to call for the unconditional release of all other hostages" in Iraq, the spokesman said.

****The killings in Iraq have become a daily event, something that is getting repetitive, and does not not raise eyebrows anymore. However, what I shall never understand is how the Iraqis allow the murder of people like Tom Fox to take place. Of course, all murders are despicable and deplorable, but Tom and his colleagues are a particularly painful case. These people left their comfortable livese, and their families and friends and travelled thousands of miles for one reason; to help the men, women, and children of Iraq. They did not have to do that, but they WANTED to help. Now, how they were rewarded? Is that fair? does that make sense? Are there still honorable and brave men and women left in Iraq to stop this horrible crime from happening again?

Friday, March 10, 2006

An Arab Muslim Challenges CAIR

On Mar. 9, 2006 Dr. Tawfik Hamid, wrote (un-edited):
How to expose CAIR and other Islamic organizations in the West

I am an Arab Muslim and a Reformer of Islam (See: believe that it is extremely important to ask CAIR and other Islamic organizations in the West to say their view loudly and in an UNAMBIGIOUS manner about the following points that are considered an Integral part of the current Islamic teaching:
1- Killing Muslims who convert from Islam to other religions (Redda Law which is part of Shariia System in Saudi Arabia)
2- declaring war on Non-Muslims to give them a choice between Islam, Jezya (Humiliating tax)- and Killing (this was the way to spread Islam and is approved till now in the current Islamic books)
3- Stoneing women for having "illigal" sex (i.e. outside marriage or the Islamic slavery system as practiced in Saudi Arabia till now)
4- Killing homosexuals (as described in the current Islamic books and practiced in Iran and other Islamic countries)
5- Beating women or wives to discipline them
6- Slavery (As practiced by Prophet Mohammed his followers in the history of Islam)
7- Enslaving female war prisoners and raping them (Ma Malakat Aimanikum) as justified in the traditional Islamic teaching
8- Accepting Dhimmi status o for Non-Muslims-the correct word in Arabic is "Zhimmi"- (this is a form of second class citizen who do not have the same rights as Muslims do) in an Islamic system
9- Is marrying and having sex with a 7-9 years old female child to follow the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed (as described in Hadith Sahih in Sahih Al-Bukhari) "Halal" (acceptable) or WRONG?

CAIR and all other Islamic Organizations in the west have to clearly publish their view about these points. Their view has to be unambiguous.If these Islamic organizations accept the above crimes or in other words rejects the basic tenants of humanity, then it is impossible to consider them a true partner in a process of mutual understanding and interfaith dialogue.How come the civilized world accept to deal with people who accept the above mentioned eight points.Failure to clearly denounce the above mentioned points by any organization would immediately expose it to the western people.Can we consider people and organizations who accept the above 9 points in their teaching as moderate organizations or shall we consider them a threat to any free society?Many of these "moderate" organizations like CAIR will never denounce the above 9 points in an unambiguous manner as the moment they do this they will loose the support of most Muslims communities in the West and the financial support from rich Muslims!I now invite CAIR to say their true opinion publically about the previously mentioned 9 points!

Former NBA Player Manute Bol to Join Former Slave

Former NBA Player Manute Bol to Join Former Slave to Kick Off 300-Mile Walk from NY to DC
NEW YORK -- Former Sudanese slave Simon Deng will hold a press conference at UN Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47 St and 1st Ave.) on Wed. Mar 15 at 1 PM, to kick-off his 300-mile march from NY to DC. He will be joined, at the press conference, by former NBA star Manute Bol.
The purpose of the walk is to highlight the ongoing genocide and slavery in Sudan. Bol, known for his advocacy on behalf of Sudan, is the second tallest player to appear in the NBA and holds the all-time NBA record for the most blocked shots per minute. Mr. Deng, a native of Southern Sudan, was captured at the age of nine and sold to an Arab family in Northern Sudan, which enslaved him for three and a half years until he was able to escape.
The walk will end in Washington on April 5, with a rally in front of the Capitol. It will span five states, and will have stops in nineteen cities -- including Philadelphia and Baltimore. Details of the walk can be found at
For interviews and press inquiries contact:

Local media: Maria Sliwa, Freedom Now Communications,
National media: Meryl Zegarek, MZ Public Relations, Inc. 917-403-3601,

Bad CAIR day: Ex-staffer pleads guilty to terror charges

CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, appeared on Egyptian Satellite Channel in 2001 and described Copts in the US who are asking for justice and equality in Egypt as "Traitors of Egypt"

*U.S. Senator Charles Schumer: "we know [CAIR] has ties to terrorism"

The second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks was a bad day for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has been struggling to overcome its reputation as a front group for Islamist terrorists.
Senators at a September 10
terrorism and homeland security hearing ripped into CAIR for its ties to the Hamas suicide bombers.

As if that wasn?t bad enough, on the same day CAIR?s
former community affairs director pled guilty to committing bank and visa fraud while running an Islamic charity that the US calls a front for associates of Osama bin Laden.

CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad canceled his appearance as a witness at the hearing, held by Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism and Homeland Security
Chairman Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.). Awad hid behind a written statement on which the Senators could not cross-examine him.

For more>>>>

CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment

by Daniel Pipes and Sharon Chadha
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2006

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), headquartered in Washington, is perhaps the best-known and most controversial Muslim organization in North America. CAIR presents itself as an advocate for Muslims' civil rights and the spokesman for American Muslims. "We are similar to a Muslim NAACP," says its communications director, Ibrahim Hooper.[1] Its official mission—"to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding"—suggests nothing problematic.

Starting with a single office in 1994, CAIR now claims thirty-one affiliates, including a branch in Canada, with more steadily being added. In addition to its grand national headquarters in Washington, it has impressive offices in other cities; the New York office, for example, is housed in the 19-story Interchurch Center located on Manhattan's Riverside Drive.

But there is another side to CAIR that has alarmed many people in positions to know. The Department of Homeland Security refuses to deal with it. Senator Charles Schumer (Democrat, New York) describes it as an organization "which we know has ties to terrorism."[2] Senator Dick Durbin (Democrat, Illinois) observes that CAIR is "unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect." Steven Pomerantz, the FBI's former chief of counterterrorism, notes that "CAIR, its leaders, and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups." The family of John P. O'Neill, Sr., the former FBI counterterrorism chief who perished at the World Trade Center, named CAIR in a lawsuit as having "been part of the criminal conspiracy of radical Islamic terrorism" responsible for the September 11 atrocities. Counterterrorism expert Steven Emerson calls it "a radical fundamentalist front group for Hamas."[3]

Fore more>>>
CAIR: Islamists Fooling the Establishment

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood MPs: Koran Encourages Terrorism

Ragab Hilal Hamida, member of the Egyptian Parliament

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood MPs: The Koran Encourages Terrorism; "Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri and Al-Zarqawi are Not Terrorists in the Sense Accepted by Some"

According to a report in the independent Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yusouf, Egyptian MP Ragab Hilal Hamida, from the Muslim Brotherhood, said during a parliamentary session discussing the Inter-Arab Agreement on Combating Terrorism, that the Koran encourages terrorism, and that he supports the activities of Osama bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi. The report also stated that another MP from the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Ahmad 'Askar, supported Hamida's statements, and that MPs from the governing National Democratic Party (NDP) did not denounce them, but instead joked with Ragab.

"'Terrorism' is Not a Curse When Given its True Meaning"

Question: "Does it make sense to you that a Muslim should claim that the Koran incites to terrorism?!"
Hamida: "I said these things in an [Egyptian] parliament session dealing with the Inter-Arab Agreement on Combating Terrorism. I noticed that the report of the [Parliamentary] Committee for Defense and National Security and the Egyptian Foreign Ministry were inaccurate when [they] dealt with terrorism, since [they] dealt with it in general [terms]. I specifically wanted to explain that [the term] 'terrorism' is not a curse when given its true meaning. [When interpreted accurately,] it means opposing occupation as it exists in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq!...

Question: "Do you regard the Palestinians who are prepared to sacrifice their lives as terrorists?"
Hamida: "Yes. According to the shari'a, a Palestinian who is prepared to sacrifice his life deters the enemy, in the way [sanctioned by the Koran]: 'Make ready against them your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah knows.'

For more...

The US State Department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2005
Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
March 8, 2006


Local government officials continued to prevent new churches from being built, often requiring an exhaustive list of documents to be submitted multiple times between administrative and security departments of governorates, in repeated attempts to preclude final authorization, despite presidential and interior ministry approvals for a building permit to be issued. As a result, congregations have experienced lengthy delays--lasting for years in many cases--while waiting for new church building permits to be issued. Authorities have also refused to issue decrees for restoration, renovation, and expansion of churches, or have failed to enforce decrees that have already been approved. Local authorities have also closed down unlicensed buildings used as places of worship.

Despite decrees issued by President Mubarak in 1998 and 1999 to facilitate approvals for repairing, renovating, expanding, and building churches, societal attitudes long nurtured by the 1856 Hamayouni decree and the 1934 El-Ezabi decree, and encouraged by some local security and governmental officials, continued to hinder efforts by Christians to obtain the permits required for such construction.

On December 9, updating the 1998-99 decrees, President Mubarak issued a new decree that devolved church repair and reconstruction decisions to the governorate level and stipulated that churches would be permitted to proceed with rebuilding and repair simply by notifying the governorate administration in writing. Permits for construction of new churches remained subject to presidential decree.

Numerous complaints of delayed church construction and repair projects continued to be reported during the period covered by this report. Elements within the government, often local administrative or security officials, continued to impede church repair and construction projects.

Although the National Council for Human Rights did not give significant attention in its report to issues of religious freedom, it submitted a total of 27 requests to the Ministry of Interior and several governorates in Upper Egypt requesting action on numerous complaints it had received concerning alleged violations of religious freedom. Twenty-three of the requests the Council submitted dealt with church repair and construction; however, according to the Council's report, the ministry had not responded to any of the requests

There generally continued to be religious discrimination and sectarian tension in society during the year. Tradition and some aspects of the law discriminated against religious minorities, including Christians and particularly Baha'is.

There also are few Christians in the upper ranks of the security services and armed forces. Government discriminatory practices continued to include discrimination against Christians in public sector employment, in staff appointments to public universities, by payment of Muslim imams through public funds (Christian clergy are paid by private church funds), and by refusal to admit Christians to Al-Azhar University (a publicly-funded institution). In general, public university training programs for Arabic language teachers refuse to admit non-Muslims because the curriculum involves the study of the Qur'an. There have been no reports of Christian graduates since 2001.

In 2000, Shayboub William Arsal, a Coptic Christian, was convicted and sentenced for the 1998 murders of two Copts in al-Kush. His appeal, which has been pending for 5 years, had still not been heard by year's end. There was a widespread perception in the local Christian community that Shayboub was convicted because of his religion.

For the full report

Egypt exports natural gas to Europe and Israel.


****This is an interesting subject to read, because it shows the way ahead for the Egyptian economy. In Egypt now, economy and employment are vital elements for the country's internal stability. The big question is: What would be the position of a group like the Moslem Brothers regarding the export of natural gas to israel?

The article discusses the establishment of Tir Gaz company between Egypt and Turkey. This company will be responsible for exporting Egyptian gas to Europe via a pipeline which will go from Egypt to Jordan, and then through Syria to Turkey.

Natural gas production in Egypt grew by more than 75 percent in the last five years. In 2004, natural gas became the nation's No. 1 source of energy. Currently, approximately 84 percent of Egypt's electricity needs are supplied by power stations that run on natural gas.
Many leading foreign companies understood the potential of Egypt's natural gas industry and today there are some 50 foreign companies operating in this sector.

Egypt has become the world's sixth largest liquid gas exporter, following Indonesia, Qatar, Malaysia, Algeria and Nigeria.

Egypt has also been striving to become a regional gas exporter, supplying gas by pipelines to neighboring Jordan and from there to Syria, Lebanon and Turkey, as well as to Israel.

The idea of selling gas to Israel, something which has been under discussion since the mid 1990s, seems quite viable. Israel, claimes Tarek Heggy, the known Egyptian economist and thinker, has always been Egypt's best export destination for its newly discovered natural gas reserves. This is the largest industrialized economy in the region and hence also the largest natural gas consumer in the region in the foreseen future. Furthermore, Israel is close to Egypt, making it much cheaper and simple to sell it the gas by a relatively short pipeline.

Israel, however, explained Heggy, has been reluctant to base its energy supplies on neighboring Egypt and Egypt, on the other hand, has been reluctant to become dependent of Israeli dollars. Eventually, however, in June 2005, a deal was signed between the two sies for the supply of $2.5 billion worth of gas to Israel. The gas would be exported to Israel by the East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG), an Egyptian-Israeli company, through a pipeline which is to be built and fully operated by the end of 2007.

Negative perceptions of Islam increasing

Don't blame the media, but rather blame those who act in the name of Islam to kill, persecute, and teach hatred against non-Muslims starting from the grand mosques of Saudi Arabia to Muslim radicals in the heart of Europe and the USA
Poll numbers in U.S. higher than in 2001

As the war in Iraq grinds into its fourth year, a growing proportion of Americans are expressing unfavorable views of Islam, and a majority now say that Muslims are disproportionately prone to violence, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The poll found that nearly half of Americans -- 46 percent -- have a negative view of Islam, seven percentage points higher than in the tense months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, when Muslims were often targeted for violence

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Website Urges Kids To Die For Allah

A new, attractive website for children was recently launched on the net. The site features animated figures and stories that young children could easily relate to. However, unlike ordinary sites catering for children, this particular one is operated by Hamas and its main objective is to advocate suicide and self sacrifice on behalf of Allah. According to Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the site, whose name means "The Victor," glorifies death and suicide for God.
In one instance, a caption that appears next to a picture of an animated girl throwing stones at IDF soldiers, reads: "Death for Allah is victory, the victory of the glorified heroes whose names will forever remain in the hearts of millions of Muslims across the world." The animated figure calls on children surfing the web to enter the site and learn about the lives of "shahids" (martyrs) who "died a hero's death," after massacring Jews. Another section of the site is dedicated to suicide bombers. Each day the site presents the picture and biography of a different "shahid." A special page on "The Victor" focuses on the story of Hamas' "brave shahid" Nazim Jabary, who carried out a suicide bombing aboard a Be'er Sheva bus in 2004, killing 16 people, including children. And, like every self-respecting site for youngsters, the website also features some catchy songs to entertain surfers: "For the great heroes who killed the Zionist thieves and invaders and died for Allah. These are the heroes our people will treasure in their hearts for eternity, and their names will be spoken by millions of Muslims today and in the future."

** So, instead of using the internet to teach the young to love and respect others, Hamas makes sure they learn hate and killing. They claim that this is the will of Allah, but there is no God who delights in destruction and death.
The children who are taught in this way are the terrorists of tomorrow. The parents will have a lot to answer for, if they allowed this brain poisoning to happen to their youngsters.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Copt arrested in Egypt for eating Danish cheese

This is NOT a joke!
A 56-years old Copt was arrested in Egypt for buying and eating Danish cheese!

Mokhles Tharwat was arrested by Egyptian state security agency two weeks ago and has been detained ever since.
Mr Mokhles suffers from heart disease. The conditions he faces in detainment, especially that he faces no official accusation, may be life threatening.
A Muslim neighbor of Mr Mokhles is believed to be behind the arrest.
Most Egyptian supermarkets are still boycotting Danish products after a Danish newspaper published photos of the Islamic prophet that some Muslims considered to be "offensive".

Maged Riad,The Pope's spokesman sides with the government against his own people?

By Magdi Khalil

On 14 November 2005 , just two days before the Coptic conference (held in Washington), I was contacted by Al-Ahram's "The major official newspaper in Egypt" correspondent in Washington, Mr. Khaled Daoud, and gave him an interview about the conference. The conference was held on the 16 November, and I was surprised to read a news story, bearing the name of Khaled Daoud, entitled "The expatriate churches condemn the Coptic conference held in Washington". When I asked Mr. Daoud, he told me that he had not written that news story, knew nothing about its source, and that the actual piece he had written, and which included the interview I gave him, had not been published.

That same day I was a guest on al-Jazeera's program Ma Waraa el Khabar (Behind the News) that was discussing the Washington conference, and I mentioned that Al-Ahram newspaper has published a news story that was allegedly released by the church, but in fact no one had conferred with the church, and that the story bore the name of a correspondent who, in fact, did not write the story. I think that the government, wishing to avoid a scandal, opted to issue an authentic statement this time, and contacted Maged Riad for that purpose.

On November 18, 2005, Mr. Riad issued a statement entitled "a Declaration of Solidarity", where he rejected and condemned any attempt to involve outside parties or states in Egypt's affairs, stating that the resolution of Coptic problems should come from within the country, adding "we reject the dubious practices of a group that has certain objectives and that does not take into consideration the best interests of the people of Egypt. We call on those groups to stop the damage they are doing to the country".

It goes without saying that Riad's statement also expressed "deep appreciation to the leadership of President Hosni Mubarak". It seems that Khaled Daoud was instructed to disparage the conference, so he implanted a series of lies in an article that was published in Al-Ahram on the 26th of November 2005. He attacked the conference, and described me as the prince (Amir) of the extremist group in Washington, falsely claiming that the Copts have asked Washington to eliminate US aid to Egypt, and that a few conference members attempted to assault him.

I will now turn to Mr. Riad, who introduced himself in the statement mentioned above, and during his visit to Cairo, as a spokesperson of Pope Shenouda, giving the false impression that he had the Pope's approval and blessing for the above quoted statement and visit to Egypt. But, in fact, the Pope does not interfere in the political actions of expatriate Copts, preferring to keep a neutral position, and only ministering to the spiritual and religious needs of his congregation. It is possible that in choosing Maged Riad as a spokesperson, the Pope was honoring the memory of his father – the late Fayez Riad, and his grandfather – the late Reverend Ibrahim Luka; but there are radical differences between the grandson and his father or grandfather

Mr. Riad was a guest on an Egyptian TV show, talking to Abdel Latif Al-Menyawi, where he openly accused the Washington conference's participants of treason. In an interview with the weekly magazine Rose El-Youssef, he said that he prevented two senators from attending the conference. In another interview with Al-Ahram, he asserted that there is no Coptic persecution in Egypt, just exaggerated accounts, that these are typical problems that many people around the world experience, and he prefers to deal with them within Egypt.

In each of those interviews, he emphasized the services he has provided in America for the Egyptian government such as creating a branch for the National Bank, assisting Al-Ahram newspaper, and other issues that were handled by his office in New York on behalf of the Egyptian government.

Maged Riad's discourse is clearly in harmony with the misleading discourse of the Egyptian government as regards Coptic issues

If His Holiness Pope Shenouda gave you, Mr. Riad, the authorization to speak for him as a legal advisor in matters concerning the congregations in the United States, did he also authorize you to discuss the political facets of the Coptic cause?
Did he authorize you to speak for him within Egypt?
Did he authorize you to speak for the benefit of the Egyptian government as regards the situation of the Coptic community, or in other words, did he tell you to reiterate the lies of the Egyptian government as regards the Coptic situation?
Did he ask you to turn down those who are trying to support the Coptic people, telling them that the Egyptian government is taking positive measures, and that their support is not needed?
Did the Pope ask you to accuse the Copts who have attended the conference of treason, and issue a statement during the conference accusing the participants of damaging the country's reputation and provoking outsiders against Egypt? What is the real nature and boundaries of your role?
Do you side with the Copts, or with the government that persecutes them?
On which side are you: with or against your people? Do you deserve the trust granted by His Holiness?
Did you consider that your actions are causing grief to the souls of your father and grandfather, as you appear to defend the case of the oppressors who have victimized your people? And, speaking of treason, who is actually betraying the people's trust, the one who speaks on their defense, or the one who speaks on defense of the government?

Old Sheiks Buy Young Girls.

From: The Times of India

HYDERABAD: In a replay of an oft-recurring tale, an octogenarian Arab groom acquired a 27-year-old Indian bride from Hyderabad by paying a measly Rs 10,000. The groom and his accomplices have been arrested.Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marfai, his two friends Khalid Juma Al-Sabri and Isa Juma Ali Al-Balushi and a Muslim cleric Qazi Mehmood Qureshi, who had performed the marriage were taken into custody by the police in Jawaharpur, Chowni Naad Ali Baig in the Muslim-majority old city after the girl raised an alarm.According to Sandeep Shandilya, Deputy Commissioner of Police, south zone, Al-Marfai had landed in the city two days ago and was staying at a lodge in Talab Katta area. He had allegedly paid Rs.10,000 to Ahmed Bin Salam and Sabira Begum of Nawab Sab Kunta area to marry their daughter.Inquiries revealed that Ahmed Bin Salam is physically handicapped and has 10 children including nine girls. Five of his daughters are unmarried.Al-Marfai's passport shows his age as 59. A case has been registered against him and the three others at the Rein Bazar police station.Citizens of Oman and Saudi Arabia are required to obtain a no-objection certificate from their governments before marrying foreigners, but he had no such permission, police said.

The incident once again reveals how Muslim girls from poor families continue to be married to old Arabs despite the Wakf Board threatening Muslim clerics officiating in such marriages with strict action.Awareness campaigns have also been launched by voluntary organisations.In most of these cases, the girls are married to men who are their grandfather's age.Impoverished parents are lured with money or dreams of their daughter entering prosperous wedlock. They get a rude shock when unscrupulous Arabs abandon them after spending one or a few nights with them. These people invariably ditch the brides and return to their countries.In August last year, two minor girls were married to a middle-aged Arab from the UAE in one sitting by a cleric. However, the girls escaped from his clutches. The Arab, Shaik Al Rahama Ismail Mirza Abdul Jabbar fled the country. Police had then arrested the cleric and the broker and claimed that the marriage racket had international ramifications.
In September 2004, Hyderabad Police had rescued 15-year-old Praveen in Mumbai and arrested two nationals from Oman - Omer Sayeed and Nasser Hameed Mohanned, both aged 60.Praveen, daughter of a fruit vendor was married to the 53-year-old Omani national Mahather Hameed Abdullah al-Ghailani, who promised to take her to Oman. After spending four days in the city, the Omani husband took the girl to Mumbai. However, he deserted her and left for Oman, leaving her in the care of his two friends.Earlier in May, 2004, Jafar Hasan Al-Zagrani, 73 of UAE was arrested after he married 19-year-old Haseena. She had complained to the police that he ditched her after marriage. Investigations revealed that he had married another girl from Hyderabad.In 1991, the case of a girl child's marriage with an elderly Arab had shocked the nation. Amina, 14, was found weeping by an airhostess on a Hyderabad-Delhi flight. Her 60-year-old Arab husband was taking her to Saudi Arabia. When the airhostess alerted the police the Arab was arrested and the girl was rescued.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated cases. You find a lot of them in Egypt too, although, for some reason, you do not hear about it, as if it is acceptable, so long it is with our Arab brothers, or rather old uncles!!
Poverty is a terrible thing, and the money temptation for the parents can be difficult to resist. Neverthless, for a young adolescent girl to marry a man in his 70s or 80s, is a horrible crime and is not very much different from slavery.

Monday, March 06, 2006

A Man Who Attempted Killing Colleagues is "Thankful"

A University of North Carolina graduate,Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, was accused of driving a sport utility vehicle through The Pit, a popular campus gathering spot, injuring nine people Friday. None of the victims was seriously hurt. The accused said at a hearing Monday that he was "thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah."

Police Chief Derek Poarch said Taheri-azar told investigators he intentionally hit people to "avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world."Taheri-azar, 22, appeared in Orange County District Court in nearby Hillsborough on nine counts of attempted murder and nine counts of assault.His bail was set at $5.5 million, and he was assigned a public defender, but he said after the hearing: "The truth is my lawyer."Taheri-azar graduated from North Carolina in December after studying psychology and philosophy. Investigators believe he has spent most of his life in the United States.

On campus, UNC students held what they called an "anti-terrorism" rally."We don't want terrorism here, and we're not gonna stand for that where we live and where we go to school," said Kris Wampler, a student at UNC and member of the College Republicans, which helped organize the rally.About 50 students attended the rally, including several Muslim students who debated with organizers and said Taheri-azar had not been linked to any terrorist group."When you think in terms of a global context, this was an isolated incident," said Khurram Bilal Tariq, a 22-year-old junior.Stephen Mann, an 18-year-old freshman, said he wasn't singling out Islam with his call to label Friday's incident terrorism. He said a member of any religion who did what Taheri-azar is accused of doing should be called a terrorist."If you try to hurt someone in the name of a cause, that's terrorism," he said.

The guy still has this amused look on his face as if the whole thing is a big joke.
I hope that every Muslim, especially in the USA, will strongly and openly condemn this criminal act, instead of just trying to arugue whether it is an isolated act or not.
It is an act of terrorism, pure and simple, no matter how you look at it.

Israel Church Attackers Say They are 'sorry'

An Israeli couple who triggered riots after discharging fireworks in a revered church in Nazareth have expressed remorse for their actions.

Haim Eliahu Habibi told a court he did not hate Christians or Muslims, saying he targeted the church to draw attention to a child custody issue.

Dozens of people were hurt in clashes following the incident on Friday night.
On Saturday, hundreds of Israeli Arabs protested in Nazareth, accusing Israel of failing to prevent the attack.
Mr Habibi, 44, his wife, Violet, and their 20-year-old daughter, Odelia, appeared in court in the northern Israeli town of Tiberias on Saturday.
Mr Habibi denied his actions had a nationalistic motive.
"I have nothing against Muslims or Christians. It is not logical for me to do such a thing to them, on the contrary. The only thing I want to do is get my children back," he said.
Mrs Habibi, who participated in the attack, apologised for what had happened.
"I am deeply sorry. I am not against anyone. I hope we will be forgiven," she said.
Although Mr Habibi is Jewish, the Israeli media have said Mrs Habibi is Christian, although this contradicted statements from the police.
Media reports say three of the couple's other children were taken into care by social services in the past.
The court ordered the family to be kept in custody for 15 days.
On Friday night, the Habibis entered the Church of the Annunciation in the northern Israeli town and set off firecrackers, causing pandemonium.
The Israeli Arab public is at the edge of its patience Shawki Khatib Israeli Arab leader
Police and security forces poured into the area as rioting broke out outside the church, where Christians believe the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to foretell the birth of Jesus.
Some 13 police officers and a similar number of civilians were hurt in ensuing scuffles.
Mr Habibi was shielded by police and priests inside the church and was reportedly led to safety dressed in a police uniform to avoid being attacked.

Long Island Students to March Against Slavery

Long Island Students Walk with Former Slave to End Genocide and Slavery in Sudan
On Wednesday March 8, at 10:15 AM over 200 students from Solomon Schechter and Glen Cove high schools in Long Island, will walk the two-mile distance between both schools with former Sudanese slave , Simon Deng. The students' walk will begin at Solomon Schechter, 27 Cedar Swamp Road in Glen Cove. The purpose of the student's walk is to raise awareness about Mr. Deng's upcoming 300-mile walk the following week and the rally urging action in Darfur in Washington DC on April 30.

"We wish to publicize the genocide that is happening in Sudan," says Helena Eilenberg, one of the teachers who is working with the students to organize the walk. "We want to encourage the people of Long Island to take action so that the phrase 'Never Again' which is so often recited is not an empty one."

From March 15th to April 5th Mr. Deng will walk from New York to Washington, DC to shed light on the genocide and modern-day slavery ravaging his homeland. He will hold a press conference at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on Wednesday, March 15th at 1 PM before commencing his walk.

Mr. Deng, a native of Southern Sudan was captured at the age of 9 and sold to an Arab family in Northern Sudan which enslaved him for three and a half years until he was able to escape. Now 44, Deng speaks out about his difficult childhood and about the atrocities that continue to plague Sudan. One of the first 40 Sudanese to come to the US on political asylum in 1980, Deng has emerged as a national leader among the 250,000 Sudanese Refugees now living in the US

The Freedom Walk is sponsored by the Sudan Campaign, a collection of national organizations, elected officials and influential individuals working for progress in human rights.

In Sudan, more than 1.5 million innocent people were killed between 1955 and 1973, and an additional 2 million were killed from 1983 to 2005 in what has become the largest civil war in the history of Africa. Since 2003, the ongoing genocide in Darfur has resulted in the slaughter of more than 300,000 in just the past 3 years. Current estimates show that over 10,000 humans continue die as a result of this crisis each week.

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